Lin Zheng Yue: Political and epidemic environment stable 上海贵族宝贝交流群 Hong Kong economy obvious recovery

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, August 31 (Reporter Liu Mingyang) Hong Kong Special Administrative Chief Expo, Lin Zheng Yue, who met in the Executive Conference on the 31st, said that Hong Kong’s overall economic recovery is good, and the public must have confidence in Hong Kong. The size of Hong Kong is good, the advantage, whether the political environment is stable, and the Hong Kong economy will rebound again. Lin Shi Yue, pointed out that the Hong Kong economy rebounded in the first half of the year, and the total local production value increased year-on-year. The unemployment rate continued to 上海浦东新区曹路妹子 fall to the latest 3 months; the market situation has also begun to active, trade, goods import and export, and even have a new high.

  "Despite this, some companies, especially SMEs, in addition to the process of reorganizing their business." Lin Zheng Yuxi said that the administrative conference decided to continue multiple exemptions and broad-saving measures, and the maximum number of measures will continue. To the end of next year, benefiting a number of industries, estimating that the SAR Government will reduce HK $ 3.4 billion.

  She introduced that more people benefited from the benefit of 75% of the 75% reduction in a non-residential house extended for 4 months, which is very helpful to the catering industry; commercial vehicle license costs or inspection costs extended exemption 1 year; small 上海水疗品茶 engineering The contractor’s registration fee extension exemption or reduced charge for 1 year; government property, the qualification tenant, 75%, the rent is extended for 6 months. She said that the popular "Small and Medium-sized Financing Guarantee Plan" will extend to June 30, next year, the total annual increase is increased to HK $ 218 billion. By the end of July this year, the application loans approved under this secured loan program were close to HK $ 65.7 billion, benefiting more than 3,000 companies and more than 300,000 employees. Lin Zheng Yue, believes that this guarantee loan plan is "timely rain", which is widely welcomed by SMEs, and continues to extend will effectively alleviate the funds of small and medium enterprises.

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Learn to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech further study to deploy epidemic emergency disposal work

  On July 31, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee held a meeting to study General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Political Bureau and the important speech of the important speech at the Conference of the Party. Further research on the important instructions of the rural toilet revolution, further study and deploy epidemic emergency emergency emergency Disposal work. Chen Min, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Tang Liangzhi, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. The party group of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress is mainly responsible for comrades, and the city’s leaders are held.

  The meeting pointed out that Xi Jinping’s important speech is an important speech of General Secretary. Since this year, Comrade Xi Jinping has coordinated domestic and international international internationalities, co-ordination of epidemic prevention and economic and social development, my country’s economy continued to restore, stabilized. We must deeply understand the good situation of my country’s economic operation, accurately grasp the overall requirements of economic work in the second half of the year, and adhere to the total number of work, complete, accurate, fully implement new development concept, deepen supply side structure reform, service and Integrate into the new development pattern, consolidate the growth momentum of economic recovery, and promote high quality development.

It is necessary to accurately implement the key tasks of economic work in the second half of the year, adhere to the expansion of this strategic base point, support new energy vehicles accelerate development, accelerate the construction of major project projects in "145" planning, and guide enterprises to increase technology transformation investment; strengthen scientific and technological innovation and industries Chain supply chain toughness, cultivate development special new SMEs; in-depth promotion and opening up, continuously optimize business environment, better integrate into the high-quality development of "a belt all the way"; overall order to do carbon Damu, carbon And work, resolutely curb the "two high" project blindly develop, do a good job in the peak of electricity to protect the summer security; prevent the risk of resolving the risk of the key, defending the bottom line of the systemic risk; focusing on the land price, stabilizing housing prices, stabilizing expectations, promoting the real estate market Stable and healthy development.

To continue to do a good job in people’s livelihood guarantees and safety production, adhere to the consolidation of the effective connection of the expansion of the poverty and the effectiveness of rural revitalization, strengthen employment services, do a good job in the agricultural product market, solidize the safety production and flood control and drought, maintain a harmonious and stable social overall situation. .

  The meeting pointed out that the current period of the summer tourism season, the liquidity of the personnel increases, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control is very serious, and the new sentiment in the city has once again sounded the alarm again. To deepen the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, maintain high attention, highly vigilant, highly 上海私人工作室可约 responsible state, insist on investigation scope, from fine, response speed from fast, prevention and control measures, work style is true, and well-planning "point" "Line" "face" prevention and control, resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic and spread, protect the lives and health of the people.

To increase the traceability of the stream, do the utmost effort to cut off the zoning chain. To match professional strength, accelerate nucleic acid detection speed, and further improve detection efficiency.

It is necessary to use your heart to do your own care and service management work, and do the benefits of the people. To strengthen information release and public opinion boot, respond to social concerns in time. The meeting emphasized that more accurate and effective initiatives 上海浦东洗浴特殊 should be taken, weaver the native of normalized epidemic prevention and control networks.

Strict entry personnel and material closed-loop management, strengthen the high-risk area to return to the people to investigate and control and health management, play the sentinel role of the heating clinic, pharmacies and grassroots health care institutions, highlight key people’s key places to prevent control, and promote vaccine Inoculation work, strictly manage large conference activities, reduce personnel gathering and out.

To compact the "Quartet" responsibility, strengthen the prevention and control leadership team and all works of the work, tighten the prevention and control measures of the organs of enterprises, mobilize the enthusiasm of the grassroots cadres, and guide the masses to insist on do personal protection. Leading cadres at all levels, especially the main responsible comrades, to stick to the position, relying on the former command, and be responsible for defending the earth. Current high temperature cool heat, epidemic prevention first-line staff work is hard, relevant departments at all levels should pay more attention to caring for them, implement safety protection and heatstroke and cooling measures to provide them with powerful service guarantee.

  The meeting pointed out that the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping will be implemented, and the important work of the rural toilet revolution as a rural resolution is to do good things, practical work.

It is necessary to play a good government to guide role and peasant’s main role, pay attention to local conditions, classification guidance, and solidly promote various work. To adhere to the quality first, the effect is first, make sure to change a household, with a household.

It is necessary to strengthen overall management and comprehensively improve rural homageal environments.

To strengthen organizational leadership, consolidate responsibility, and do a good job in rectification, ensure that the peasant masses benefit.

  The meeting also listened to the exchange of petitions in the city in the first half of 2021. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the city.

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Li Keqiang met with Australian Prime Minister Morrison, Japan Prime Minister Abe, New Zealand Prime Minister Adene, US President National Security Affairs Assistant O’Brien

This newspaper Bangkok November 3 (Reporter Baiyang, Zhao Yipu) November 3, November 3, the State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang During the Purchase of the East Asian Cooperative Leaders in Bangkok, the Tong Australian Prime Minister Morrison held the seventh round of the Chinese Australia Annual meeting.

Li Keqiang said that a health and stable development of China and Macao relations not only brings well-being to the people of the two countries, but also contributes to regional and world stability and development.

There is no historical complaint between China and Macao and the fundamental conflict. Both parties must grasp the big direction of China and Australia, truly regard each other as an opportunity, agglomerate the common interests, and adhere to mutual respect, equal treatment principles to carry out constructive exchanges and cooperation, and improve each other and trust more ", Properly handle differences, promote the regression of China and Australia to return to normal tracks. Li Keqiang pointed out that Central and Australia cooperation does not harm third parties, not for third parties, should not be affected by third parties.

Mutual Mutual Economic and Trade Partners. In the current economic downtime, the two sides should cooperate. China is adopting an open initiative in the service industry, providing important opportunities for countries including Australia. We wish to continue to carry out trade, energy, finance, education, and respond to climate change, etc. Morrison congratulates the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and said that China’s development is a miracle in human history. In the past few decades, hundreds of millions of people have successfully poverty and admire. The Australia is highly attached great importance to China’s relations and is committed to promoting the development of Australian relations.

Both sides have achieved positive results in cooperation in trade, environmental protection, private exchanges, and international students, bringing practical benefits to the two countries.

As a sovereign state, Macau is not necessary to make choices between Australian relations and Australian relations, and deal with China. The Australian relationship is not a transaction. As a comprehensive strategic partner, there are extensive benefits in both bilateral and global fields. Australia looks forward to comprehensively restore communication and cooperation 松江大学城一次50的快餐 in various fields as soon as possible. Xiao Jie participated in the above activities.

This newspaper Bangkok November 4th (Reporter Baiyang, Zhao Yipu) Prime Minister Li Keqiang in Bangkok, Chancellor, Meet, Mek Jinan.

Li Keqiang said that China and Japan are neighbors and is the world’s major economies.

In the current context of the current world economy, both sides have the desire to maintain multilateralism and free trade. They should be abide by four political documents, respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, focus on common interests, and properly handle sensitive problems. Improve mutual trust levels, build a healthier and stable long-lasting middle-Japanese relationship, not only better blessing the two countries and the two people, but also injecting new motivation in the 上海品茶群水磨会馆 world economy.

Li Keqiang pointed out that China has to play their respective advantages, and promote pragmatic cooperation and more in depth, share development opportunities.

This year, the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between China and Japan, China will hold the eighth China-Japanese and Korean leaders, and look forward to promoting the three-party cooperation to jointly maintain regional peace and stability and prosperity.

Abe said that since last year, the senior high-level high-level high-rise meetings have strongly promoted the relationship between the two countries in the new era.

Japan is willing to strengthen conversation and deepen pragmatic cooperation with China to coordinate in international regional affairs. I am looking forward to going to China to attend the eighth day and Korean leaders meeting, and promote the cooperation between the Three Kingdoms.

Xiao Jie participated in the meeting.

This newspaper Bangkok November 4th (Reporter Baiyang, Lin Wei) Premier Li Keqiang met with New Zealand Prime Minister Adene on the 4th of Bangkok.

Li Keqiang said that although China and New Zealand are far from far away, the cooperation between the two countries is very close. We are very happy to see that the China New Self-trade agreement has been successfully completed, which gives a strong signal to the outside world, ie, newly used practical actions to support free trade. The current international situation uncertainty factor increases, and the downstream of the world economy is increasing.

We are willing to work with the new party on the basis of equal treatment, seeking to deposit, and respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, expand exchange cooperation in various fields, and promote the continued health and stability of China. China is committed to creating marketization, rule of law, and international business environment. I hope that the new party will create fair competitive environments in new investments.

The new new tourism year is welcomed by people from all walks of life. Both parties should further strengthen exchanges in the humanities of tourism, culture, education. Adene congratulates the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. She said that the new party attaches great importance to the new comprehensive strategic partnership, firmly pursues a Chinese policy, congratulating China’s global business environment has greatly increased. The new party firmly supports the multilateral trading system with the world trade organization.

Today, the new CPC has announced the completion of the self-trade agreement, which will bring more mutual benefit cooperation for both parties. The new party will provide a new investment environment in new investment in new investment. The two sides have maintained a close communication and coordination on climate change, showing the extensive connotation of the relationship between the two countries.

The new party appreciates China’s contribution to the development of the Pacific Island, is willing to strengthen the three parties in the island country.

After the meeting, the two parties released joint press releases and announced the completion of the new self-trade agreement to upgrade negotiations. Xiao Jie participated in the meeting.

This newspaper Bangkok November 4th (Reporter Baiyang, Lin Wei) The Premier Li Keqiang met in Bangkok on the 4th to attend the 14th East Asian Summit, the head of the United States, the President National Security Affairs Assistant O’Brien. Li Keqiang said that this year is the 40th anniversary of China and the United States. In the past 40 years, the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides have brought the real interests of each other, and it is also beneficial to the world. Today, in today’s complicated and profound changes, Sino-US relations are healthy and steady, and it is necessary to travel, and it is also the expectation of the international community.

The two sides shall promote the coordination, cooperation, stabilize the Sino-US relations, respect each other, and respect the core interests and major concerns, and control the difference on the basis of equal and mutual respect, on the basis of mutual benefit. Expanding cooperation, driving Sino-US relations forward along the correct track.

O’Brien said that the US-China relations is a very important bilateral relationship against the two countries and the world. The economic and trade consultations in both parties have made active progress, in line with the common interests of the two countries and countries. Although there is a difference between the United States, both parties should properly handle them in a constructive manner, and promote the development of the relationship between the two countries. Secretary-General, Secretary-General of the State Council, and Minister of Commerce, Minister of Commerce.


Lid Tree people have a silence, spring rins

Hunan Arts and Crafts Vocational College "Teacher German Model" Wu Na. The unit is mapped by the People’s Daily, December 3. "Special training experts, vocational colleges teacher quality improvement plan national training lecturer, Hunan Provincial Space Classroom Review Journal, Hunan Vocational College Teacher Vocational Competition Competition, Hunan Provincial Mandarin Level Tester. Representatives of the fifth party congress in Yiyang City, Yiyang City, agency, and optimized economic development environmental supervision and evaluator, the Party representative of the Yanyu Education and Work Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Wen Na is responsible for in the heart, champions, and insisted on the beginning of love, and the soul. Wu Na insisted on learning as a basis, and it was in the middle of the class. When I just entered the Hunan Arts and Crafts Vocational College, Wen Na, Chinese professional, in order to make their own language lesson, more in line with the professional needs of students, often use spare time to see professional works, please explain to her. Making materials, processes, processes for each piece of work, understand each professional employment direction.

Daily, Wen Na actively participates in the lines of the school, online training, she knows that learning is the foundation of it, the foundation of the event, only to learn, in order to keep up with the times in mind, constantly innovating in business . These efforts under Wen Na have laid a solid foundation for the later language teaching reform. She also rapidly grows rapidly from a general teacher, experts in the area of ??Hunan Youth Teachers and Higher Vocational Education.

She has been rated as a provincial "advanced worker", the school-level "excellent Communist Party", has been rated as "excellent teachers" for 5 consecutive years, and I won the second "teacher’s morality" in January 2021. Honorary title. At the same time, Wu Na insisted on the row, repairing in the heart. She believes that teachers ‘words and deeds, education concepts, personality quality, etc. have a direct and far-reaching impact on students’ three views. In the daily teaching, Wu Na has made a good teaching design before each lesson, and come to the classroom in advance to prepare for various teaching, and exchange interact with students with the most full attitude. The post to the student’s approval operation is a word. After the class, she took the student with the students to clean up with her, insisting with their own words and deeds to guide students, and use their own characterized students to do school students. As a young teacher, Wu Na has the courage, there is a service, and the new ideas, new ways of continuously exploring the reform on the road of teaching. Wen Na adheres to Teaching to study, and explore new pathways. She adheres to the Lidan people, actively explore the new path of the language courses, deeply digs the integration of the integration of the integration of the teaching, philosophy, morality, legal education into the teaching process, guiding students to establish the correct three views and cultivate civilization Education, enhance professionalism, thick patriotic feelings, firm ideals and beliefs, and implement organic unity leading to value.

Wen Na continued to introduce new and innovative auxiliary means. Wu Na will observe all novel things in life, and strive to integrate those good ideas into her teaching. According to the students’ learning habits, Wen Na has produced many relaxed, interesting micro-class video, and makes full use of mobile phone advantages to carry out teaching.

Wu Na used mixed teaching to create a new ecology. She deconstructed, refactors, and built 3 online courses, fully utilizing the advantages of traditional classroom and network teaching, carrying out the mixed teaching underline online, breaking through time 闵行区419会所电话 and space restrictions, expanding the time and space of teaching, Implement "teaching" and "learning" organic unity. Wen Na’s "University Language" course was identified as "famous teacher space classroom" in Hunan Province, Hunan Provincial Teacher Informatization Teaching Application "Demonstration Network Learning Space".

His "modern business etiquette" course has also been identified as a boutique online open course in Hunan Province. During the epidemic, it is difficult to meet, the course is open to the whole society, and more than 500 colleges, units, accumulated browsing 40 million times, accumulated nearly 70,000 courses. In order to promote the reform of higher vocational teaching, Wu Na adheres to the competition, and actively participate in teaching competition. The teacher’s professional 长寿路为什么那么多鸡 ability competition is hard, in the past four years of holidays, she has almost no rest.

Summer vacation in 2019, 40 degrees high temperature, continuous operation for more than 40 days, no rest for a day, how many nights will sleep directly at the office too late to work too late.

On the eve of 2020, many days of preparation has made her body overwhelmed. At 2 o’clock in the final day, she was not suitable, and the team members advised her to give up, but she still chose to persist, and continue to change the manuscript, she The team members are also infected by her, perseverance, and they have been fighting together, and they have sleepless.

Her courses were included in the Ministry of Education as a "demonstration class" of vocational education informatization and were selected as a national education resource public service 上海水磨实体店微信 platform.

She has won 2 "second prizes", "three prizes", 6 provincial "first prizes", and won the "First Prize" in Hunan Provincial Teachers’ Professional Ability Competition for three consecutive years name.

Wen Na has published more than 40 papers in provincial journals, hosting 9 topics at all levels, participating in the topic, and host more than ten kinds of education reform projects at all levels, 3 invention patents, 2 soft, write monograph 3 Department, participate in the textbook 7.

Wen Na has repeatedly in the Ministry of Education China Unicom Vocational College "Network Learning Space Ren" training course, Hunan Provincial High School President and Teaching Master Information Technology Application Ability Training Class, Hunan Hunan Higher Vocational Engineer Teacher Training Course and so on The province’s conference is a typical experience, many times in Hunan City Academy, Changsha Health Vocational College, Jiangxi Business School, Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College, etc. Brothers, unselfish, adopted, through precision, teaching, To promote the development of education informatization and the reform of Hunan Higher Vocational Education and Taoism.

In addition to the teaching tasks of 24 classes, Wen Na also served as a class teacher of 2 classes.

She said: "When I am close, I can walk into." She gave students care in a variety of ways to help students open their hearts and find the direction.

Higher vocational students are self-informed, and some are not distracted, some are confused. Wen Na told students: "Self-confidence is the cornerstone of success, everyone has their own advantages, must know yourself correctly." She helped students to explore advantages, establish confidence, and guide students to clarify their goals.

She also often encourages students to speaking, debates, and when the teacher goes to the stage, she will be able to guide them.

Wen Na believes that the teacher’s encouragement not only gives courage to students, but also the powerful power of students’ success. Wu Na likes to chat with students. In the process of chatting, many students have come from single-parent families or have been separated from their parents, and even have a tired of emotions.

Every time I encounter this situation, she will find a quiet corner and patiently communicate with students.

She will accompany the students to sit on the campus steps on the steps of the campus for more than one hour, and to relieve the depression of the students; she will accompany the student to take a circle on the playground, and the students who have spanned in the heart. Under her guides, many students re-ignite the hope of life and the future of the future. The teacher’s "love" stems from the noble teacher’s morality, and the teacher of Wen Na uses a little love, infiltrates every student’s mind, and use his own insistence and the youth of writing. She firmly believes that under his "love" care and infiltration, her students will also bloom beautiful life as flowers.

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Lhasa on the 16th enable the electronic phone will be able to apply for a driver’s license

To 上海普陀区油压带全套 implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council decisions and arrangements on deepening the "release tube dress" reforms, deepening to expand the electronic license application, the public security organs traffic management through a unified national "traffic control 12123" APP issuance of motor vehicle driver’s license electronic version (referred to as "electronic driver’s license"). November 11, reporters from Lhasa City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment learned, Lhasa will be the first to enable the electronic driver’s license in the region November 16, when the Lhasa driver will be available through "traffic control 12123" to apply. How electronic driver’s license to apply for the reporter learned that the driver can log on "traffic control 12123" APP, 闵行按摩哪里好 follow the prompts to apply for a driver’s license electronic processes. It should be noted that the applicant’s driver’s license should exist within the validity of a driver’s license withheld, withheld overdue examination, factual overdue announcement to stop using other circumstances, you can not apply for electronic driver’s license. When the electronic driver’s license is applied for the first time, the "traffic control 12123" App will automatically adjust the photos of the applicant’s retained photos as the electronic driver’s license photo. After the electronic driver’s license is generated, it can choose to change the photo.

For non-deposited photos, the "traffic control 12123" App will prompt the applicant to submit an electronic photo through the mobile phone camera or album selection, and 上海按摩论坛交流 the public security organ shall be reviewed and used to generate an electronic driver’s license.

Which scenario may use an electronic driver’s license It is understood, has applied for electronic driver’s license, the driver can log on the phone "VTS 12123" APP, query, shows his electronic driver’s license.

Electronic driver’s license consists of the front page and sub-pages in two parts. Among them, the front page includes basic driver’s license information, electronic certificate generation time, for the contents of the two-dimensional code verification information and one-dimensional codes; Vice pages including the driver the address, issuing authority, driving records, and permission to drive code regulations and so on.

In terms of usage scenarios, electronic driver’s license can be applied to multiple scenarios law enforcement management and public services.

When the law enforcement inspection, the driver showed an electronic driver’s license. The public security traffic department no longer checked the paper driver’s license, and verified the driver’s license information online through the law enforcement terminal. When handling the traffic control business, the driver can apply for a driver’s license driving them to produce electronic tubes, handle traffic violations, traffic accidents and other processing business, no longer need to submit a paper driver’s license.

But there is a need to detain the case of a driver’s license, driver’s license is still required to present a paper.

Insurance compensation, rental vehicles, and professional recruitment, the driver can present an electronic driver’s license, and the relevant units online verification of driving qualifications. Apply for a driver’s license should pay attention to what e-enabled electronic driver’s license, it is conducive to further enhance the "Internet + traffic control" level of government services, masses and more convenient travel by car, better service optimization business environment.

 That what people need to pay attention to when to apply it? Reporters learned that, in terms of replacing the photo, the electronic driving licenses to enable higher number of pre-apply, applicants try to avoid the peak business period change photos. In terms of electronic re-apply for a driver’s license, have to apply for an electronic driver’s license, due to a change in quasi-driving, driver’s license is valid, such as the issuing authority for replacement business, applicants need to re-apply for electronic driver’s license.

In addition, due to special reasons not through "traffic control 12123" APP apply for electronic driver’s license, driver’s license applicants to apply for issuing vehicle management, vehicle management will review the "traffic control 12123" APP issue electronic driving certificate.

■ News + street traffic police propaganda electric car brand police are issuing Tips card. Figure provided Daily News (reporter Lou Menglin) by the traffic police in Lhasa masses to further improve the city’s electric bikes registered on the card to work awareness, participation and effective work to promote electric vehicles registered in recent days, the Lhasa City Public Security Bureau police detachment brigade in the city each section of electric car owners issued a reminder to the people for the electric car brand tips card. Activities, the brigade promote joint police district police station police visited various communities, streets, crowded places to passing electric cars and electric cars parked centralized point of parked electric cars posted reminder cards, and widely publicized electric vehicle registration policy, patience, for the owners to answer in detail on various problems encountered in the cards. This time, stated the importance of electric cars registered on Tips cards Lhasa police issued for the electric car owners, registration time, you can apply for specific locations electric vehicle registration work. Tips cards into the hands of the majority of electric vehicle owners in the form of a cartoon picture, showing the Lhasa police people-oriented, very heart-warming work.

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Let Inner Mongolia’s tourist from east to the West

The report of the 11th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region proposes new requirements for the development of Tourism in Inner Mongolia: Accelerating the structural reform of tourism supply side, adhere to the whole season, differentiated high-end development positioning, strengthen regional resource sharing and high level strategic cooperation Improve tourism facilities, enrich the tourism state, expand the tourism market, and continue to increase the supply of high quality tourism services, let the eight parties have a better experience, more comfortable, more memories, let Inner Mongolia travel from east to Xidu Get up, all the four seasons are hot.

The Yang Yongjun, who is the delegation of Xing’an, said that the Alishan City will keep in 上海喝茶联系方式 mind the He Yin Yin of the General Secretary, firmly establish a sense of green development, effectively strengthen the responsibility, in the future work, focusing on the spirit of the party congress in the Autonomous Region, combined with the regional actual situation, With an ecology as the primary, tourism as the leading industry, with people’s livelihood, focusing on the construction of 5A-level internationally renowned tourist resort city goals, creating a national tourist resort and national tourism demonstration zone, building six scenic spots, integrated six tourism Product, development of six-level tourist ring line, in order to create a "domestic first-class, internationally renowned" tourism destination, for a long time, resolutely take a new road with ecological priority, green development – oriented. Developing rural tourism is a large way to revitalize rural villages. Many people like "immersive" "experience" tourism, transform the resources of rural resources into industrial advantages, can greatly help rural resolution.

Wang Lingling, Wang Lingling, said: "We have a strong development of rural economic and social development in the courtyard economy, Chinese herbal medicines, garden sightseeing, fruits and vegetables, and rural tourism.

"Culture is the soul of tourism, tourism is a carrier of culture.

How to better promote the traditional Chinese culture and increase cultural resources innovation.

Representative of Wu Xiaoyi, a delegation of Hohhot, said: "As a party representative of a grassroots cultural relics protection department, in depth, in accordance with the requirements of the report, implement the Chinese excellent traditional cultural inheritance development project, strengthen the protection, research, utilization and intangible culture of cultural relics. Heritage systematic protection, inherit, use good history and Hohhot important historical and cultural heritage, accurate refining and demonstrating the spiritual identification of China’s outstanding traditional culture, and better reflect the historical value, cultural value, aesthetic value, scientific and technological value, the value of the times, so that the source is far away Chinese civilization shines.

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Lifting the threshold to promote 上海嘉定300全套群"double excellent" – high-level sports team enrollment admissions refer to the new policy (3)

According to the "guidance" issued, the threshold of cultural courses in such enrollment is significantly improved. In short, from 2024, the corresponding enrollment scores of the high-level sports team in colleges and universities have been raised to 280; if you want to build universities in the world’s first-class university, it is the famous school, you have to reach two lines. The third change in parents is the restriction of admissions and new politics to high-level athletes.

According to the "Guidance", since 2024, the high-level sports team admitted, the college entrance examination cultural courses were not lower than those of the enrollment colleges and universities, 20 points under the born in the source province, can apply for the corresponding ordinary professional; Students are limited to studying physical education majors, in principle, they must not be transferred to other classes.

This means that if you want to admit school, you will only want to choose professional, cultural courses can only be 20 points lower than ordinary candidates, and only two lines are far less than enough. Yang Qian, who won the Chinese delegation for the Chinese delegation, is a way to collect in Tsinghua, and Tsinghua University has grown through the Ways of Tsinghua University.

In that year, she was admitted to Tsinghua University in the case of the 265 cultural courses in the case of professional testing standards, and studied economic management.

If you are in this path according to the &上海水磨干磨桑拿会所 quot;Guidance Opinions", Yang Qian is likely to be clear. Tsinghua Nameda Ma John Sports special class is one of the nationally recognized secondary schools recognized in sports, cultural and double yield. According to incomplete statistics, since the founding of 1986, the school has cultivated eight international health, 34 sports, 329 first-level athletes, including 645 high-level sports teams, including Tsinghua University and Peking University. Excellent student athletes, including Hezi, Shi Tingyu, Zhou Lu Xin, Li Xiangyu, Wang Yu and other star athletes.

Mr. Chen Guang, Mr. Ma Jayhan, is bluntly, if it is measured according to the secondary athlete and the second line, Ma Jiehrogens can meet very little, in 2027, in accordance with national competition It is more difficult.


Let the mother river stay in vitality (coexist of the Earth Life Community)

  The morning light is slightly, and the water of Poyang Lake is like a mirror.

Jiangxi Hukou County Beimdu Dougou, Jiangboo assists the patrol team members Shu Yin’an and several team members boarded the No. 103 patrol boat and began a new day of the tour task.

Since the implementation of fishing in the Yangtze River, Shu Yin’an has changed, and the past fishermen turned into the current nurses, this is what he didn’t think about.

  At zero, January 1, 2021, the Yangtze River flow, important tributary, large Tongjiang Lake and Changjiang Oil Boarding Management District officially launched a ten-year boyfriend. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the implementation of the 10-year ban on the Yangtze River, to do the relevant work, so that the majority of fishermen will be asked to go on the shore, they can be stable after the shore, can get rich.

  Before the implementation of the 10-year ban, some key waters such as the aquatic biological protection zone have been classified in the classification of natural fishery resources. The Yangtze River’s anti-arrest is involved in the refund of more than 1,00,000 to the fishing boat, and returned 230,000 fishermen.

After the ban, what changes in the Yangtze River ecology? How to protect the livelihood of the anti-theore fishermen? How to improve the long-term protection mechanism of fisheries resources in cross-regions and cross-departments? The reporter has explored these problems. From the fishing to protect the fish, the long-lost porpoise came back again "Jiangboo", which is called "Water Giant Panda", is an important species of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River basin, current only With around 1,000, 450 is distributed in Poyang Lake waters. In 2017, in the fishing boat, the Shu Yin’an colored a fishing net in the fishing boat, joined the Lake to assist the patrol team. In the past year, Poyang Lake has been banned, and the porpoise is frequent in the lake area.

Shu Yinan said: "The most discovered 13 pilfeng groups. During this Spring Festival, there are many tourists to come here.

"At present, there are 11 team members and 3 patrol boats, which are patrolled in the Yangtze River Lake section and the Poyang Lake Shires, and the aquatic organism is an important part of the water ecology. It is also the health of the river lake. The condition of the ultimate indicator.

Ma Yi, director of the Fishery Administration Office of the Agricultural Rural Minister River Basin, said that compared to 50 years ago, the fish species in the Yangtze River Basin have been reduced by nearly 1/3.

Under excessive development and fishing, the Yangtze River Integrity Index arrived at the worst "no fish" level, and the situation is not optimistic. "The biodiversity is complete, the service function of the ecosystem can be played.

"The Yangtze River has advocated scientists in the 19th year of the Yangtze River.

  Why setting the forbidden to 10 years? Cao Wenxuan said that fish in the Yangtze River is usually more than 4 years before they can reproduce. It has been bought for 10 years. They will have 2-3 generations of prisoners, and the number of populations is expected to increase significantly.

Restoration of wild fish stocks will help to repair the overall ecological environment of the Yangtze River and provide high-quality germplasm resources for farmed fish.

  "In the past fishing for a living, and now the fish is to protect children and grandchildren." Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei back to catch fishermen Wangming Wu said that in the past a small raft, can feed a large family, the Yangtze River where the fish less and less over the years, want to catch a big fish is not easy.

After the catch back to shore, he, like Shu Yinan, became a member of retaining fish, "there are sailing experience, but also familiar with the Yangtze River Waterway, this job row.

"With the no-take action continue to promote the trend of living aquatic resources of the Yangtze decline gradually curbed.

  Monitoring data show that the Chishui River four years since a comprehensive closures, significant recovery of fish stocks, the diversity of progressive levels. Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake fishing year, the dry season while the Yangtze finless porpoise segment significantly increased the frequency of appearance, but also appeared in previous years and no waters. Knife anchovy, Chinese mitten crab and other migratory aquatic resources obviously tends to recover. Come back, stability is maintained, can get rich, shore fishermen have something to look forward in order to allow fishermen are willing to go ashore, got on shore, and actively organize around the back to catch the fishermen cooperatives to carry out aquaculture, recreational agriculture (fishing) industry, the implementation of free vocational skills training, through the organization of labor export, the establishment of public service positions, etc., to broaden employment channels to ensure that each fisherman catch back home at least one person in employment. Doorstep employment, changing the line have the money.

  Hengyang City in Hunan, according to the wishes of the fishermen, free to carry out all kinds of skills training bakers and cooks, fruit trees and flowers, gardening, helping fishermen switch. "Catching a fish for over 30 years now learned new techniques, new life’m looking forward to." Bulk outlet Town fishing community of fishermen Liu Chunsheng, lived for generations in the Floats. Early last year, he participated in the retreat fishermen catching skills training, learning Chinese noodles production methods, opened a pastry shop.

  Reveal all the details of social security, livelihood security. "Your back has been included in social security subsidies fishermen catch your resident individual pension account, go to where the village (neighborhood) committees or town, street social security inquiries." This is a message from Anhui Chaohu City and Social Council of tips information.

Chaohu City of retirement to catch fishermen to participate in urban and rural basic old-age insurance subsidies, and the amount of subsidy every year or one included in their personal accounts.

  As of the end of February 2021, the country through the development of industry, workers in employment, public support entrepreneurship and job placement and other measures to help fishermen caught 160,000 retreat to realize converting employment, to be converting more than 99% of total employment; the cumulative implementation of social security people, receiving them. Meanwhile, the fishermen also actively help solve the practical difficulties to go to school, see a doctor, and housing. New Director Liu Fisheries Fishery Administration of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said: "Next, will continue to strengthen the field of agricultural and rural employment assistance, promote the implementation of relevant policies, and resolutely prevent the retreat catch fishermen become poor, come back to ensure that stability is maintained, to get rich. "overall supervision, classification Shi policy, ban long-term management and protection mechanisms continue to improve," a hand, the net goes quickly cleared away, we continue to walk down to the next and so on. "in the Zhenjiang section of the Yangtze River, along with the diesel motor roar, a week-long Yangtze River fishing ban special enforcement action kicked off.

  Since May last year, Jiangsu within each area of ??transportation, public security, maritime, fishery, water conservancy departments Zhenjiang municipal government organized a joint law enforcement to ban the "three noes" Ship of investigation and the "three noes" ship was found severely dealt with which involved only 683 fishing boats, have been completed dismantling. "Illegal fishing practices under the net, cloth cage, electric fish, mostly related to this." City "three noes" Ship remediation liaison office package Sheng introduction.

  Char at strategic locations along the Yangtze River, the monitoring device 40 sets of "thermal imaging" technology being installed debugging. "With panoramic monitoring, electronic fences and other technical means, will ban all waters and vessels under regulation, to ensure that does not stay dead." Deputy director of the Hubei Jiayu County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural six stone Hua said.

  Ban co-ordinate supervision, classification of facilities strategy, to ensure 全国高端私人预约 withstand, the management was in prison.

  This year, the focus of the waters of the Yangtze River has entered a new phase decade closed seasons, prevent and combat illegal fishing has become the focus of management. Central document made it clear that strengthen the conservation of living aquatic resources, promote the Yangtze River as the focus of the fishery law enforcement capacity building to ensure the effective implementation of fishing ban ten years, do fishermen catch back guarantee job placement. Since January this year, cleared a total ban throughout the fishery sector involving fishery "three noes" Ship 3437 to clean up illegal nets 34255 (top), investigating violations of laws since 1834, and seized 464 ships involved, involved 1955 people seized , 481 people transferred to judicial, administrative penalties amount of about 220 million, a 上海品茶高端场子 strong curb illegal fishing multiple trend, Yangtze ban management order is generally stable. From the top-level design to local actors and supporting mechanisms associated watersheds continue to improve. Late last year, Agriculture and Rural formally established aquatic Yangtze River Basin Biological Resources Monitoring Center, the full deployment of the key waters of the Yangtze River basin ban aquatic resource monitoring and impact assessment; starting March 1, my country’s first watershed law Yangtze River Protection Act came into effect. Throughout the year, Jiangxi Province, to protect aquatic life rescue center, Nanjing Yangtze River fishing ban linkage Enforcement Center has listed …… "Yangtze River ecological problems are caused by multiple reasons, overfishing is an important aspect.

"Researcher Douglas Hsu Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy 上海新区桑拿会所 of Sciences recommended to take years of fishing at the same time, the need to complete the implementation of ecological restoration as much as possible other measures, such as filing the registration, implementation of joint scheduling reservoirs, floodgates and other seasonal trial, protection and Yangtze fish habitat restoration and promote the Yangtze River ecological receive a more complete and rapid repair. global terms, for future generations seeking to protect the health of the Yangtze River.

I believe that "the number of fishing flute sound, wind from the aloe for work" will reappear, "a clear water river to the east," the attraction will certainly come. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Shuai Shi).


Learning to implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Spirit of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held in Taiyuan.

On November 26, according to the central unified arrangement, study and implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Central Propaganda Group reported in Taiyuan.

Reporter Shi Xiaobo took note of November 26, according to the central unified arrangement, study and implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Central Propaganda Group will be held in Taiyuan. The deputy director of the Central Propagander Group, the deputy director of the Central Organization of some of the management of the daily work of the Central Organization. Lin Wu, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the report meeting and speaking.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Secretary of the Provincial Committee, the deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the deputy director of the National Committee of the CPPCC, and Li Jia, Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting. At the report meeting, Jiang Xinzhi focused on learning and promoting the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party conducted a system preaching, surrounding the initial mission of profoundly And major achievements, profoundly understand the historical achievements and historic changes in the new era of socialism with historic socialism, profoundly understand the historical significance and historical experience of the party’s hundred-year struggle, continue to test out good grades on the road of new tests, etc. In-depth interpretation of the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session.

Comrade the participation carefully listened and recorded, unanimously believed that the report station is high, the view is wide, the authority is accurate, the system is comprehensive, and the content is rich, and it is strong and infectious. It is a strong guidance for the spirit of the Plenary.

Everyone is unanimously expressed, we must study, in-depth, repeated learning, courage to take care, don’t work, and effectively put the thoughts and the actions to the Party’s 19th Plenary Session, with more high-job, Positive contributions to all-round high quality development.

Lin Wu pointed out when the report will pointed out, learning is good, propaganda, and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, is a major requirement for the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It is currently a major political situation in the future. Task.

Under the driving of the provincial party committee, the party organizations at all levels, actively follow up, and comprehensively promote the spirit of learning and promoting the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China. Party committees (party groups) at all levels should further improve political stations, strengthen responsibility, in accordance with the party central deployment requirements, combined with the spirit of this preaching report, continue to promote learning and propaganda and implement various work. First, study, understand, make sure learning deeply. Adhere to the original original, in-depth thinking, comprehensive system, contact the actual law, to practice the party’s 19th National Sixth Plenary Session, and study and implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of the Party and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Five Combining the spirit of the Plenary Session, the integration of the important instructions of the "July", "July", "July", and the important instructions of the important speech in Shanxi, and the integration of the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress. Encoucent, resolutely support the "two establishment", further enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence" to do "two maintenance".

Second, we must deliberately propaganda to ensure a household name. It is necessary to promote the significance of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, and explain the spirit of the General Speaker of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and the "Resolution" of the Plenary Session, and fully demonstrate the task initiative and progressive results of our province to implement the spirit of the Plenary Session. The propaganda department should strengthen organizational coordination, and all levels of mainstream media should play the role of the troops, quickly form a scale, form a sound, and form an impact. To play the integration of the media, use the "learning power" "Shanxi Cadres Online School" and "two micro-one" and other platform media, expand coverage and influence. The provincial party committee propaganda group and the promotion team at all levels must go deep into the organs, enterprises, rural areas, schools, communities, etc. The three should be fully implemented to ensure the results of flowering.

Further from the party’s struggle, the intelligence of the mysterium is further implemented, and the deployment requirements of the Second Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress will be fully implemented. Key tasks such as service industry, post-disaster recovery, safety and stability, scientific planning next year, ensure receiving the official, take a good step, and further create a new situation in promoting high quality development.

It is necessary to consolidate the achievements of deepening parties to study and education, and carry out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", and constantly enhance the people’s sense of happiness.

Lin Wu emphasized that leading cadres at all levels should give full play to demonstration roles. They must conscientiously implement their own learning and implementation tasks, but also to fully grasp the study and implementation of this unit of this region, guide the majority of party members and cadres to enhance the ideological consciousness of learning and implementation of the spirit , Political consciousness and action consciously, to ensure that the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party is implemented and implemented. After the report meeting, Jiang Xinzhi 上海品茶交友群 went into China Baowu Taifang Group precision strap steel company, in-depth production workshop to conduct interaction, exchange interaction with employee representatives, and investigate high-end stainless steel R & D, production, application, and encourage companies to study the party. In the past 100 years, it stimulates the strength in the course of struggle, insists on innovation and drive, and take advantage of the science and technology to enter the enterprise.

The report will be held in the form of a television conference.

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial government and the community, the provincial law inspection, the provincial military area, the armed police Shanxi 上海外卖服务自带工作室靠谱 Corps mainly responsible comrades attended the meeting.

The provincial old comrades, the provincial direct unit is mainly responsible for comrades, the central government is responsible for comrades, the provincial people, the provincial CPPCC, the special committee is mainly responsible for comrades, the undergraduate college, and the provincial management of the country, the main responsible comrades, More than 300 members of the Chief Party of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, the agency cadres and corporate workers, and young students and other representatives have participated in the Provincial Lands. Municipal, counties (cities, districts) set the venue. (Reporter Yang Wen) (Editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Let the party flag high in the development zone to develop a new highland

The meeting notified the summary of the party committee of Minhang Development Zone, announced that Qin Yong comrade and served as the party secretary of Minhang Development Zone, read and recognized the annual outstanding party workers and excellent Communist Party members of Minhang Development Zone. I watched the "2020 Mini Development Zone" propaganda film, and the first batch of 10 non-public companies such as Brango (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Johnson & Solita Co., Ltd. Enterprise Party Construction Demonstration Points Grant Position Key. Xi Wang Dan said that under 2020, under the double impact of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic and international situation, the party organizations and trade unions organized to give full play to the fighting fortress. Very good grades. Today, the completion of the first batch of non-public corporate party construction demonstration sites is an important step towards all parties to work together, and even have been recognized and supported by foreign management. It is of great significance.

In 2021, the party committee of Minhang Development Zone should continue to deepen the "three-band three" park party building, fully integrated region, state-owned enterprises, two new organizations, and use good Li Qiang. The "new market thinking", "new economic thinking" and "new economic thinking" and "new management thinking", and do a good job in the party construction of the park, and do a good job in the construction of foreign enterprises. Under the leadership of the party construction, the new model is continuously developed, and the development of the park 上海干磨和水磨 enterprises. First, the ecological card is to adhere to the road of green sustainable development, so that the ecology has become a beautiful business card in Minhang Development Zone; the second should be improved, and under the guidance of the new development concept, pay more attention to the fusion and transformation of the production city; three To upgrade the service, strive to go to the new level in the service, meet the party’s 100th birthday with excellent results.

Comrade Wang Wenhui expressed its high degree to the work of the party committee of the development zone.

He pointed out that party organizations at all levels at the development zone have taken the rudder and to the economic development of the exhibition and the economic development. In the "four history" learning education, in 闵行会所推荐 the shine of history, the party building brands are constantly doing, and they will lead to demonstration.

Through the "three bands", it has created a comprehensive service center position for the park, providing communication, co-construction, learning, service, etc., today, further extending the position to foreign capital, is extremely great.

In 2021, it was the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and it is also a hundred years. The party committee of the development zone must be strong, and it is better to strengthen the construction of party members, strengthen the construction of party members and strengthen the construction of party members. Second, it is necessary to do bright brands, strive to go upstream, further strengthen the brand influence; three should be done, pioneering and 上海静安水磨会所 innovating, 砥 砥, 之 之 以 恒 把 把 企业 企业 企业 企业, 砥 要, 砥 把 位置 位置 位置Heart strength, develop in service, to serve as a position. Before the meeting, the participants visited the Shanghai Johnson Party Branch and Xinhua Control Party Total Party Construction Demonstration Point Position.

Real Estate, the party committee, in depth, implement the concept of "people’s urban people’s construction, people’s city as the people", implement the requirements of the party committee of the real estate group "to do brand, do major resources, do living mechanisms, and strong party building", deepen in Minhang Development Zone Three band three incident "party construction brand, with the party building work, with the construction of the party construction, based on the main position of the Minhang Development Zone Service Center, form" 1 + X "party group position matrix, the first batch of 10 Home non-public enterprises create a "home door" party building demonstration point, build the "red position" of the grassroots level, inject new nutrients into the development zone, so that the party flag is high in the development zone to develop a new highland.