Tomorrow is saturday。

But the job of security,There is no concept of weekend。only,Chu Yi just happened to be out of work tomorrow。
Early next morning。
Chu Yi rode on the donkey,Go straight to Porsche4Sshop。
Chu Yi came early。
On arrival,It’s only nine o’clock in the morning。
4SThere are not many customers in the shop,Very empty。
“Ok?Nobody answers the phone?”
Chu Yi called this directly4SShop owner,But can’t get through。
“I guess the phone isn’t around!”
Chu Yi is not in a hurry,Self-care4SHang out in the shop。
Look at this car,Look at that car。
“These cars are really good!”Chu Yi couldn’t help feeling,“Even car paint,Are much brighter than my little donkey!”
Speaking of,Chu Yi hasn’t bought a car yet!
The only car in his name,Just go to work every day、The little donkey to ride for rent collection。