Die Zhao Ming,He was so fierce to me just now,Why are you so gentle now?!

Feeling Zhao Ming’s gentle movements,The grievances in Ning Rongrong’s heart were immediately released,Tears filled the two big eyes。
“Don’t cry,I tap,Not painful。”
Take Ning Rongrong’s leg and put it on his abdomen。
Zhao Ming could clearly feel Ning Rongrong’s hot and humid legs wet from sweat。
But Zhao Ming didn’t have any other ideas。Some just pity。
Roll up the trousers,White and tender calf skin exposed。
Zhao Ming untied the straps of Ning Rongrong’s shoes on his calf,Took it off gently。
Take off your shoes,Zhao Ming knows why Ning Rongrong’s feet hurt。Because Ning Rongrong wears a pair of women’s height-increasing shoes。The heel pad behind the shoe is high。Running in these shoes,The toes must not be worn away?
“Because i’m a little short。and so,I wore this。”Seeing Zhao Ming looking at her shoes,Ning Rongrong whispered。
Glanced at Ning Rongrong,Ning Rongrong is kind of petite。Shorter than Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing,But the gap is not particularly big。After putting on these shoes,Can almost make up the height difference between them。
“Watching me do?I am not very short,Just lost。”
“Nothing。I don’t hate you。”Zhao Ming Weiwei,Talking,Help Ning Rongrong take off the thin silk socks that seem to have been soaked in water。
“Do you dare to despise me?I still don’t dislike you。”Listen to what Zhao Ming said,Ning Rongrong suddenly became angry again,Like a little cat,Zhao Ming’s tight calf is also flicking,The little feet touch the ground directly。Suddenly,Face changed,Make a hiss。
“All right,Don’t move,Even if I said the wrong thing just now。”Looking at Ning Rongrong helplessly,Zhao Ming held Ning Rongrong’s small feet in his arms。At this time, Ning Rongrong’s toes were already white with sweat,The skin has been broken in many places。
“I’ll carry you back。”Took a look,Zhao Ming said。

“This is also。”Uncle is also free and easy,Haha smile,“watch the show,watch the show!”

Between two people talking,Brother Jiu has read the opening remarks,Gave the stage to the players。
3Hours of show time,Remove ads and other time,At best150Only minutes。
During this time,To sing at least40Song,Can be said to be very urgent,So Brother Jiu’s famous sensational performance,Does not appear at this time。
Just that,There are two judges with very different styles, Han Donger and Fu Bufan.,Don’t worry about the lack of attention on the show。
Players to be determined in the last round,After careful preparation,The performance this time is a lot more proficient,The expressiveness on the stage has also risen。
Especially a few young college students in music school,It’s even more impressive,Received warm applause from the audience。
The road to promotion this time,It’s still the judges who decide。
It means that as long as the judges3Pass card,Can advance directly。
Father Zhao Changshou is the first20Appearances。
Already at this time5Individuals get promoted,Only the first round of promotion is left1A。
Hardly everyone thinks he is qualified for promotion,According to his singing,Not like Lan Kai,And won’t be liked by the audience。
Zhao Changshou is wearing a workman’s uniform today,Because he is thin,My face is full of wrinkles,Looks a bit like an old worker。
“a《Start over》Dedicated to everyone!”Zhao Changshou’s opening remarks are still so concise。
The judges and the audience didn’t think much,I just think this song is a bit strange,Have not heard。
But on the big screen behind Zhao Changshou,The name of the song appeared at this time,And its songwriter。
《Start over》
category:Original song。
singer:Zhao Changshou。

I’m so fucking ashamed of this kid,Be like this pustule,Like never seen a beauty,Actually tell the truth,When I first saw Zhong Manxia,Really not much better than him,Only time has passed,I now have the capital to drag,And he seems to be out of play。

One zero six、Was followed by a gangster
Fang Xianjing said firmly:“it is good,I will definitely cheer you up then!If they dare to play any tricks,I let them go around。”
She turned around and said again:“Will Zhong Manxia go to see you fight with someone that day??”
Zhong Manxia said she would not go,I can just follow Fang Xianjing’s meaning:“Since Sister is going,Then I will definitely not let her go,Lest she get in the eyes of Sister Sister。”
Fang Xianjing loves to listen to these words,She is in a good mood,Smiled satisfied。
I take this opportunity,Quickly escaped from the tent,Went outside to wash。
The three girls are sitting outside eating breakfast and chatting,See me out,All staring at me,Li Jiajie asked explicitly:“how about it?The taste of our University Tan’s flowers is very refreshing, right?”
It doesn’t matter if I have a thick skin,But Fang Xianjing is still a yellow girl,She may not have accepted such words,So I clarified:“I’m not like her,I don’t believe she will come out,Observe her walking posture,You will know!”
After a while,Fang Xianjing pretended to come out casually,Sit down and chat with them,They watched carefully,I found that her face did not flush after some exercise,Easy walking posture,Nothing unusual,Liu Yanli and Li Jiajie are here,It can be seen that she did not experience the pain of the first night last night。
The three whispered:“He didn’t even enjoy such a delicious meal,Will it be a silver-like wax tip,It doesn’t work!He is rich and handsome,If so, it wouldn’t be a pity,But he studies martial arts,It’s logically impossible to be so strong!”
If I knew they were talking about me in private,Will definitely tell them:“If you don’t believe me, come and try my hero,The three of you go together,I want to make you lose your armor。”
In the morning,I took them to the waterfall to play,We decided to have barbecue at noon,So I went down to get the barbecue,When walking down the mountain,The phone beeps。
Mobile phones are not so popular at this time,There is no signal coverage in many places,I took a look,There is a missed call from Zhong Manxia,I quickly replied to her,I compiled a reason to explain why the phone can’t get through,Fudge her,And said that the training has been very hard these days,Live directly in the city,I’m not afraid that she has the urge to see me。
And my mom’s call,I replied to her to reassure her,And football team、The basketball team asked me to play a game,I don’t bother to care about these,In fact they often harass me,But I am very busy now,Where’s the time to deal with them,Really annoying,Just send a few hundred to let them go out to celebrate,As a result, they harassed me more and more!
What concerns me most is the missed calls and text messages from Boss Zhang,Content is:“The bullies you played that day,They sent someone to guard your car,Be careful。”
I called Boss Zhang:“Boss Zhang,How’s the situation there?”

“Captain Mo,What you said is not**Hit us naked in the face?,An ordinary kid in our team,Then dare to do something with your captain!”

Qin Yong said with a smile,“Today this matter was originally a discussion,If it weren’t for Changming, they kept asking,I won’t let Liao Zhi do anything with yours at all,If you feel a grudge in your heart,such,Nothing happened to us today,I promise our people will not tell anyone!”
What he said is nice,But it’s actually insinuating Mo’s self-realization to bully the small,At the same time, it is also ironic that the brigade cannot afford to lose。
“Captain Qin,do not,Our dark sting team has always been daring,Since we lost,That is to lose,You can tell anyone!”Mo Zizhen smiled,“But this little brother is really proficient in profound arts,This is also a fact that cannot be concealed,I fight him,It’s not a bully!”
“Mo Erye,I don’t think you are right!”
At this moment, Mo Xiaosheng suddenly stood up and smiled at Mo.,Rebutted。
Mo Zizhen’s face changed,Obviously, I didn’t expect Mo Xiaosheng would take the initiative to stand up and blend this matter.,And speak towards each other。
“Mr. Mo,how do I say this?”Mo Zizhen said with some doubts。
“everybody knows,Looking at the entire China,Your strength is the top presence,Even no less than some strange masters in some military affairs department,And you are the captain of the Dark Sting Team,Fight with such a young ensign in your capacity,Really bullied!”Mo Xiaosheng said calmly,The tone is very sincere。
Li Changming and others were so angry when they heard this,Who is this Mr. Mo from?,They invited him in exceptionally,In the end, he actually helped outsiders to bully their dark stabbing team?
If it wasn’t because Mo Xiaosheng was their captain’s savior,They’ve been swearing!
“Haha,Captain Mo,This brother is not rough or rough!Your ability、Accumulated experience for so many years,How old is Liao Zhi?,And you are not on the same level!”Qin Yong smiled immediately,“Maybe when he is your age,It is possible to overtake you……”
“Fart your mother!”
Li Changming was furious when he heard this,This Qin Yong really fucked his nose,Even the dignity of their captain dare to challenge!
“I just said that,Just say that……”Qin Yong also knew that he was a bit gaffe,Immediately he glanced at Mo Zizhen a little timidly,Shrank his neck in fear。
“Mo Erye,Captain Qin is right,Anyway anyway,You go,It’s really not suitable!”Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Said in agreement,“and so,Let me replace you!”

Xue Qinghe frowned,Let them leave,The identity of the person in the Spirit Hall will definitely be exposed,Difficult to completely rule the Tiandou Empire。

But insist on cutting the grass and roots,Will probably make their years of hard work wasted……
Any choice will result in immeasurable losses……
Seeing that I have hope of surviving,Xue Xing looked at Dugu Bodao excitedly“call……Dugu Bo,Good job!After this time,You and me are both good!”
A few disgust flashed in Dugubo’s eyes,Then said lightly“Ok!”
Under careful consideration,Xueqinghe stares at the Xueqing River“Dugu Bo,Today you can leave,But this guy by your side must stay!”
Xu Sheng, who has been hiding around, slowly walked in,Indifferent tone“I think……It’s better to leave both together!”
Outside the palace, Hu Liena saw Xu Sheng had walked in,Clenched fists“hateful!Why did Xu Sheng go in alone??”
Xieyue’s eyes flashed a little,“There are powerful people in Title Douluo,It should be good for us too”
Xu Sheng should be afraid of accidentally hurting them in the Battle of Title Douluo……
Xue Qinghe, sitting on the throne, saw this familiar figure,A little joyous in my heart“Xu Sheng?Why is he here??”
And the porcupine and snake spear beside him felt the terrifying aura exuded by Xu Sheng,A few minutes closer to Chaoxueqinghe……
His expression became serious“Who is this man??Soul power fluctuations are so terrifying!!”
At least they are also Super Douluo!!
Only Xue Xing stared at Xu Shengdao who walked in“Kid,You are looking for death?”

“Payne Six Ways,See here。”

The Penn boy group composed of six Penn appeared in front of Jilaiya。
“Payne,The leader of Akatsuki?,And still six people”Jilaiya looked at the six people blocking his way。
“Hey,Jiraiya,Pay attention to their eyes。”I heard the reminder of the old lady toad on my shoulder,Jilai just noticed,In the eyes of the six people in front of me,Have a pair of reincarnation eyes。
“This is the eye of reincarnation!The legendary fairy eye,Suddenly there were six pairs!”Jilai also made an incredibly surprised voice,While looking at the leadercPayne,“And that face you are Yahiko,right!”
“As expected of my former teacher,but,Yahiko is dead long ago,Standing in front of you now,Payne,is God!”Tiandao Payne slowly said。
“Stop talking about this kind of nonsense,Yahiko!Reincarnation eye,It should be from Nagato, right?!What the hell is going on!”
Tiandao Payne didn’t continue to talk nonsense,Six Heavenly Dao also launched raids on Zilai at the same time。
Facing six people with reincarnation eyes,And the enemy whose intelligence is not clear,Even in the fairy mode,With the help of two immortals,Jilai still feels very strenuous。
“Yahiko,Why do you have Nagato eyes!”
“Even if I know this kind of thing,You can’t escape back to Konoha Village。”
Although I kept guessing something in the battle,But after all, Jilai couldn’t change his own destiny。
“Really failed in my life”The body is filled with black rods made by Yin Yang escape,Jilai also knelt on the ground and muttered to himself with blood at the corner of his mouth,“Has been rejected by Tsunade,Can’t block my friend,I didn’t protect my master,Educated disciples,Either die or become the prophecy of the rebellious big toad immortal,Is it really wrong?,I have another apprentice who is not an apprentice”
Jiraiya also thought of Sasuke,The child raised by Konoha after the extermination,Also Naruto’s companion and opponent when he was in Konoha,Because I heard my arrival,So haunting the kid who wants to apprentice。
“Hey!Xiao Jilaiya,Are you OK。”Husband Toad asked worriedly。
“Two immortals, this is my last thing to ask you to bring the information back to Konoha”
“Xiao Jilaiya!”
“move,Two fairies”Ji Laiya’s breath of life is getting weaker and weaker。

Going to check the house,He said:“Xiaohui,Go get the cleaning tools,Spotlessly sweeping!”It was actually cleaned just now,I’ll get it。The soldiers who came back after clearing the inspection came,I have no time to check the folding of the bedding again,But I am confident,Then the inspecting soldiers take a closer look,Got it,I have a problem,Unqualified,The surface is invisible and hidden well,Intuition tells me that someone is fixing me,a?I can’t think about it,Because the monitor stipulates that they will be punished for unqualified housekeeping。Then there is a five-kilometer cross-country two hundred push-ups for half an hour,So depressed……

Few times in the first few days,Once a few days,But then every day,Got punished every day。He also asked me to do things before checking the house,I also know he did it,But can’t disobey the order,I will do what he will tell me in advance,This makes me busy every day,Or just finish what he ordered at flying speed and stay by the bed。I rely on,I’m extremely nervous, I don’t know which day is the end……
I often think:Why am I hereJoin the army for Xiaoxue,I arrived in the army but couldn’t see my Xiaoxue。And be abused by the monitor,I have to tighten my nerves every day, beware of the squad leader’s surprise check or sudden training,In the quiet night of every night,Thinking of Xiaoxue secretly crying……But there is no news from her,Where is she?
The days have finally come to the end of the recruit company,I feel like I’m about to be liberated,Yes,Finally say goodbye to the perverted squad leader,No need to be abused by him anymore,Full of expectation。
Squad leader, I think it’s pretty overcast,Never fight soldiers,If you think he is good to the recruit, you are wrong,He is a pervert,I tried my best in training to abuse you and make you miserable,You still can’t take him,The recruits didn’t even talk about the company commander.,Just let him go,The whole class stays away from the monitor,But i’m not afraid of him,Old love and him secretly fight,Afraid of him?Didn’t he say that the army is the world of tough guys? As long as I’m tough enough, I have proud capital。That’s what i think,The idea is simple but it makes him feel headache,The good soldiers among the recruits want a company commander to find him every day“Talk heart”,I have to suffer the kind of ignorant hate in the eyes。
We are training boxing as usual,everyone“Drink”Hit the sandbag in front of you,Squad leader shouting from the side,“hit……Force,You have to remember,In front of you is the enemy armed to the teeth,If you don’t pay attention, it will kill you,Force!Come again!”“You all make progress,But on the battlefield,You can only die,That’s not a joke,To survive on the battlefield,You must try your best to train yourself when training。Who wants to go to the battlefield to die?”He walked up to me,Say:Force!I hammered sandbags hard,He said:“Turn around,Punch me……”
“what……”Punch him,That’s right?Had to obey orders,Turn around,Punch him。Follow the actions he taught,A punch in the right hand,Hit his chest。He doesn’t seem to have the intention to defend,Just when his fist was about to approach his body, he shot,A block transfers my strength,He is still holding my arm,My hands hurt when I twist,He knocked me down with another punch。“It looks like a lot of flowers,Isn’t it good at ordinary timesCome again”I get up and stand again,The squad leader is really moving,The hand that was twisted just now,Punch him again。I thought he still blocked it with his hands,I prepared to hit him with the other hand,When my right hand touched his camouflage shirt, I felt a piercing pain in my abdomen,He turned his left elbow and I flew out,Fall underground。I get up again,I hug his waist and want to put it on him,It turned out to be a few cubits on the back,Heartache,Just get down。“how?This won’t work?……”Before he finished speaking, I got up and punched a few punches quickly……
I beat him quickly,He took a few punches firmly。But soon he resisted,Just a few punches knocked me down again,I feel abdominal pain、Back pain、Arm pain、Chest pain、Face pain,I hold back the pain,Get up and get up with all your strength,Of course he didn’t react,I kicked him to the ground with the effort,I also fell to the ground,He is about to get up,But how am I willing to let go of this opportunity,I jumped over and pressed his fist and hammered it continuously,He hurriedly covered his head with his hands,But my chest is really hammered,The first time I saw the squad leader look so embarrassed,I want to have fun in retrospect,But then my eyes were full of anger,A few recruits are increasingly angry with him,Red eyes,I only know to punch the person in front of me with my fist。In the image,My comrades in arms seem to be shocked。I stared blankly at the squad leader being pressed under me and hit hard,Maybe they are thinking that the monitor deserves,Also,The entire recruits squad of that year were horrified by the squad leader,Someone doesn’t want to beat the squad leader, that’s impossible,They all looked、Looking foolishly……The whole situation has changed,From fighting training to fighting,The nature has changed,This is never allowed in the army。
Someone still broke this situation,A comrade in arms pulled me up,Then other comrades in arms came to pull me,My whole body hurts again,They have many people,Of course I can’t twist them,Was pulled away,When I got up, I kicked the monitor hard on the abdomen,When it was over, I was firmly restrained by my comrades in arms,But I am still not reconciled,Staring at him tightly:come……You let me go,let me go……I shouted with all my strength,Roaring heartbreakingly,Finally slowly turned into a cry。I have been suppressed by the wall by my comrades,Not able to move,I’m still crying,The idea of wanting to beat the squad leader again has gradually weakened,The limbs that have made full strength slowly lose their strength and soften,I’m still crying……
A few days before the end of the recruit company,More than a dozen recruits on the training ground pressed one hard to drive away to beat a fourth-level non-commissioned officer not far away,They pressed the irrational recruit stubbornly,Make him unable to move……They did not notice, including the recruit,No one noticed,The fourth-level non-commissioned officer did not try his best to resist deliberately when he was hammered,They didn’t notice:When the recruit was suppressed by the wall and could not move,A satisfied smile appeared on the corner of the fourth-level non-commissioned officer,The joy of relief,Is a happy joy……
Beating the monitor,I vented my anger over the past few months in the recruit company by the squad leader,After venting, it calmed down slowly。I was locked up,I think it’s a big deal, I’m wrong with this soldier,After spending a few years in prison, send it back to the place and be expelled,After leaving a heavy stain on the journey of life, various units dare not want me,Finally lived this life in a vain,At that time I had prepared for the worst,As for more,I haven’t had time to think about it,Me at that time,What can you think of……
However, the punishment from superiors far deviated from my expectations,Also deviated from everyone’s imagination,The superior only asked me to write a deep inspection,Stay in the army to observe,Decide whether to severely penalize based on performance。
In the confinement room,I found a problem,Just hold back uncomfortably without moving,Forced to practice every day when outside,Go in now,Got it!It’s really uncomfortable not to practice,Do push-ups in the small confinement room……What do you do without push-ups?Is it still less than ten square miles to fight and practice fighting!!Then the two first-class non-commissioned officers who guarded me were happy:“Thousands of push-ups every day,Not tired?”

Zhao Ming now only feels comfortable up and down。

It feels like a week of holding back shit suddenly came out。
Can only be described in two words,happy。
Zhao Ming’s breakthrough lasted three hours。The people around were slowly numb from the shock from the beginning。The registration continues to be headlined。
Xiao Wu is by Zhao Ming’s side,Protect him。
As time goes by,Zhao Ming’s breath slowly stabilized。
“Thirty-five-level soul。”
Open your eyes slowly,Feel the majestic soul power,Zhao Ming couldn’t help but smile。He can feel the soul power in his body,Even if it’s not far from level 36。
Glance around。There are not many people lining up to sign up at this time。
“Let’s go,We go to sign up。”Holding Xiao Wu’s hand,The two walked in the direction of the old man。
Zhao Ming is also two people in front of them,It’s their turn soon。Threw twenty golden soul coins into the wooden box,Zhao Ming and Xiao Wu stretched out their hands together。
“Right age,You release the martial soul。”Squeezed their hand bones,The old man said excitedly。The voice is still a little urging。
The two looked at each other,Also released Wuhun。
Rabbit ears give birth,The fluffy white hair appeared on Xiao Wu’s hands,The body has also become more slender。Wuhun Yutu Possession。
Zhao Ming hasn’t changed much,Only three empty spirit rings appeared beside him。
The fluctuations of the two soul-sovereign levels made the elder who was in charge of registration brighten。
Xiao Wu’s 31st Level Soul Power,Two yellow and one purple。

of course,In the process,Be strong,Foul,do not hesitate,Mess up her mind,Two-pronged approach。

But it’s simple,Execute,The difficulty is not small。
But now Xu Xuan has no other good solutions,I can only think of something from myself。
After all, he is someone who has been dealt with by countless teams using Jordan’s Law。
Long illness becomes a good doctor,Although Xu Xuan doesn’t think Jordan’s Law will do anything to him,But thinking of that year“Bad Boys Army”Even the old hooligans were eliminated by this trick,definitely will.asxs.effect。
At least,Will be better than the previous one。
Dayao went to talk。
Taking advantage of the break。
The head coach of the women’s basketball team is Hu Jiashi,After listening to Dayao’s words, I thought for a while,Quickly call up the players to start tactics。
“Xu Xuan also came to watch the game today,Come and cheer for the women’s basketball players。”
“Three quarters behind5Minute,Not much difference,There is still hope to come back。”
“We saw Xu Xuan waving!He is leading the Chinese fans in the stands to cheer for the players on the field!”Yu Jiajie said。
There is still a difference between men’s basketball and women’s basketball,Jordan’s Law is indeed a stranger to the women’s basketball team。
but,Strange to strange,The essence of Jordan’s Law is still easy to understand。
Omnipotent defense,If you can’t help it, let it go,Guard against others。
If this can be done,The opposite single-core system will be restricted,Unless their core players are better than Jordan.
The fourth quarter comes up,Women national players who are not familiar with Jordan’s law,There are still many mistakes,By the Spanish side,Widened the difference to7Minute。

Next,It became Shen Huan asking Yang Kaixin,The various reactions of her parents with Yingyue Ointment。

Obviously,Yang Kaixin came here after understanding it clearly,So it’s a point,I gave Shen Huan a lot of feedback。
Wait till Yang is happy and grateful to carry2Bottle Yingyue Cream leaves,Shen Huan began to remember how to expand the planting of Yingyue Grass。
It’s a coincidence that Yang Kaixin came,Shen Huan just finished picking the remaining Yingyuegrass、Make30The bottle of Yingyue cream is finished。
17The ingredients don’t matter,You can buy it with money。
But based on the current yield of Yingyuegrass in the yard,At most once50Bottle look,Harvest twice a year,Top of the sky100bottle。
According to one person every year2-3Bottle calculation,That’s the amount for 30 or 40 people。
The women around Shen Huan,Including school.Flowers,Friends including Zhu Mei,And partners like the princess,It doesn’t add up20personal。
But with their relatives and friends,Some people who have to give face,Then definitely not enough。
Besides, Shen Huan is also going to exchange something with Yingyue Manuscript,Then there must be more margin。
After all, as long as it is a woman,As long as you know the effect of Yingyue Ointment,I can’t escape。
But the area of the yard is so big,Now I have used half of the yard to grow Yingyue grass,Any more words,Not only looks weird,And it will attract the attention of many people。
Shen Huan doesn’t want people to know the secret of Yingyue Gao。
many things,The more mysterious the better。
Want to increase planting area,It’s better to be outside the suburbs。
But in the wild,How to take care of it is another problem。