Thrall used great perseverance,Contained the demon in my heart,No choice to kill prisoners。

It’s not because of the chosen son,Is not a kind heart。
Taresa’s death hurt Thrall a great deal,His anger has nowhere to tell。
But because Spartacus notified him and Orgrim,The knight king is coming。
Cromie did a good job,In other words, the power of Moon God is really powerful。
Prisoner of war weakened by the failure of demon blood,Because of the defeat of the tribe and the ailing orcs,because“Son of the Chosen”Thrall’s encouragement regrouped?!
Just take it。
in short,The orc is over-spirited,Expanded。
Although the orcs were not free after the defeat,But from the result,But because of human detention and slavery policy,Which restored the population。
“perhaps,We can use these captives to negotiate with the knight king。”
Thrall is thinking about feasibility。
“I thought you were going to design a trap to catch the Barov kid,There are two hundred thousand of our compatriots in the forest of Alterant。”
Orgrim sipped to the ground。
For unknown sources“Medivh”,Orgrim.Doomhammer has a natural resistance。
so similar,It’s too similar to Gul’dan’s second and fifth boy,The breath of the god stick,You can smell it all eight hundred miles away。

Lin Yu looks at Master Blackwood,Lightly。

“Master Blackwood,Kill this person。”
Li Xingxing,See Lin Yu come out,Just so arrogant,Disdainful。
“When is your turn to speak?”
Master Black Wood who heard this,Raise hand,And gave Li Xingxing a slap,Li Xingxing suddenly,To fly directly to one side of the wall。
Bang wait,A mouthful of blood spurted from Li Xingxing’s mouth。
“Yes,Master Blackwood is right。”
Spit out blood,Li Xingxing wiped the corner of his mouth,Respectful。
Because of the skills of Master Blackwood,I have seen it myself。
Li Xingxing dare not rebel。
“Shut up if you know。”
Finished,Look at Lin Yu,Tao:“Kid,You really want to fight my dark organization?”
“You did it to my people,You still ask this,Don’t you think it is funny?”
Lin Yu who heard this,Look at Master Blackwood,Disdain。
“it is good,well,In this case,Then don’t blame me for being rude to you。”

“Correct,Lin Shao,I was wrong before,Offended you。”

“This time,I’m guilty。”
Zhang Shan,Hear the father,Also followed。
“Guilty,Then no need。”
“Your Zhang Family,Not the one I can afford。”
Hear this,Lin Yu,Directly use Zhangshan,What has been said,Go back。
“Lin Shao,What are you talking about?”
“My Zhang family compares with your Lin family,It’s like comparing the sky to the earth,Can’t compare to。”
“Say again,My son this bastard,I offended Master Lin。”
“I have already taught him,He also knew it was wrong。”
Zhang Zidi,Pointing to this one,Son carrying a pile of firewood,Anger。
“Correct,Lin Shao。”
“I already knew it was wrong。”

This woman’s name is Yan Yue,It’s the oiran of Yaoyuelou,Also the master,After Li Chenfeng accepted the Yueyue Tower,Can be regarded as his subordinates。

After Yingyue came to an Accord on the third floor,Li Chenfeng also met his long and round prince brother Wei Jia。
Although the two are brothers in name,But the two mothers are not the same person,Prince Wei’s false mother is the current Queen Wei,And Wei Gongzifeng’s mother is a beauty,Which is Wei Wang concubine。
Prince Wei is over 30 years old,Keep the two-handed character Hu,With that round head,Make Li Chenfeng feel very happy every time I look at it。
to be frank,There is really nothing to say between the two of them。
Even if the other party has a bad heart,Deliberately want to find something with myself,But the atmosphere between the two is still very awkward。
The meeting between the two did not last long,The meeting this time was just for the two of them deliberately for their own purposes,So Li Chenfeng doesn’t want to talk to him so much here.。
Looking at Li Chenfeng who turned and left,Originally, Prince Wei’s somewhat happy smile also became gloomy in an instant。
“Humph!act recklessly!”
For my younger brother who suddenly emerged,Prince Wei was full of murder in his fake heart。
But the other party used to cover it up really well,Make everyone think he is just a mediocre boy。
After I discovered the other’s wolf ambition,It’s too late。
Li Chenfeng, who has mastered the army, has even surpassed his Wei crown prince in one fell swoop.,So even if he wants to trouble him,No chance。
Just three days ago,The killer of Ranet suddenly found himself,Want to work with myself,The goal is Wei Gongzi Feng……
Two parties with the same goal can be said to hit it off,All plans were agreed immediately,Let him, Prince Wei, come forward,Lure Li Chenfeng out of the house,Then the snare killer will kill with one hit。
All the scripts have been written,And judging from the performance of the opponent,I didn’t notice any abnormalities,Everything is going according to plan。
For Li Chenfeng’s rudeness and contempt during the dinner,Although Prince Wei is full of anger,But in the end he endured it。
A man doomed to death,Why do you have to be like him??

Qin Shi pushed the dean away,Took out the phone and dialed a number,The dean was pushed down on a chair,Touch my neck,Staring at Qin Shi。

Qin Shi turned on the speaker,After a while,There was a voice over the phone。
“Hello,Dear World UnionPay Amethyst member,How can I help you?”
Due to the different regions of incoming calls displayed by satellite positioning,Therefore, the customer service language of World UnionPay will be adapted accordingly。
“Let your chairman answer the phone。”
“please wait。”
Obviously panicked over there。
World UnionPay,Almost all banks in the world are in it,Amethyst members,No more than ten people in the world。
These people are very noble,The chairman of UnionPay must be respectful。
A foreigner’s voice came over the phone,Speaking in bad language:“Hello,Mr。”
Qin Shi said loudly:“Richard,There is a Feixing Group here,Doesn’t seem to recognize me as an Amethyst member,it depends on you!”
the other side,Richard had already heard Qin Shi’s tough voice,I was so nervous that all the cigars in my hand fell to the ground,Cold sweat came out on my forehead。
“do not worry!We will investigate immediately!”
Qin Shi looked at the dean with ashen face,Shook his head,Move to the front of Zhang Man。
“mom,What else are they doing,Just tell me。”
Zhang Man said:“It’s fine if you come。”
“Bell bell bell…”
The landline on the dean’s desk rang,The manager looks down,It turned out to be Jin Dongzhe, the president of Feixing Group!
Is this man,Is really one of the owners of Amethyst Card?

“Don’t come over!”

Lin Yun protects her chest,Roar weakly。
“Scream,You will scream louder later,Bring them all to see the look of Deputy Dong Lin。”
at the same time,Qin Shi has broken into the Galaxy Hotel!
Behind,Li Qingqiu!Aniu!With the security team!
Further back,It’s the big guys in the dark world of Nancheng!
There are hundreds of people,Rush to the hotel together!
They encountered no obstacles,Mayor Liu has arranged for the police to surround the Galaxy Hotel!
Just ran to the third floor,Qin Shi heard Lin Yun’s cry from the corridor!
“what!Qin Shi!”
Qin Shi turned to look,really,There are two strong men standing in front of a door。
Must be there!
Qin Shi ran to the door at lightning speed,The two strong men barely reacted!
Until Qin Shi stood up,The brawny frowned and asked。
“you are……what!”

Just when the three of them were going to have a pleasant meal……

“Wang Yufei,You stop!”
Li Zesheng brought the Olympic Mathematics class’s sharp knives and stopped in front of the three men aggressively。
“Something?”Wang Yufei stepped forward,Stopped in front of the two little girls,I looked at some unfamiliar classmates inexplicably。
Just obviously,The two girls behind them didn’t even mean to be scared at all,Especially Guo Xiaoyi,Because I can watch the excitement again,And the expression of infinite joy。
“yesterday,Why did you fool us yesterday?You will obviously do that question, right??Why are you lying to us?Is it fun to play as a pig and eat a tiger??Is this interesting?!Just say it’s interesting?”Li Zesheng questioned with grief。
“Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?”
So fresh noun,Made Wang Yufei stunned,Quickly understood the meaning of the word,Then he asked in doubt:“Does it have anything to do with pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger??I told you yesterday that I am very busy,It’s just that you have been entangled?You are getting angry because of your stupidity?”
The six people were stunned for an instant。
This guy actually scolded them for being stupid?
That’s not Wang Yufei’s original intention,He was just brainwashed by Lu Yuxin accidentally,Speak straighter。If Han Wenle sees this scene, maybe he will be very pleased,Wang Yufeishun took to help him speak what he had prepared……
“Very busy?Are you so busy?What are you busy doing?”Li Zesheng was so angry that his heart was beating faster,Continue to question Wang Yufei’s original intentions……
It seems to prove that this guy wants to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger,To make him feel better……
“Busy dating,Don’t you guys know?”Wang Yufei looked back at Lu Yuxin subconsciously,Eyes full of sweetness……
The little geniuses were stunned again,Looking back at Wang Yufei’s calm turn of his head just now,The sudden smile of the iceberg genius beauty in their eyes,Suddenly feel that this reason is impeccable……
Busy in love?

to this end,Boss Joe is very proud。

In the last month,He often appears in various newspapers and magazines。
And I started to like to accept interviews。
After all, Shen Huan was the first one he discovered。
Even if Shen Huan didn’t sign with his Hornets,But Boss Joe’s insight knows people,But no one can erase。
You dare to say that all I fancy is rubbish?
Even if all the players I signed in the future cannot be played,But I discovered Shen Huan,Is enough to make me brag for a lifetime!
Just like the basketball god’s own skills!
When I think of my own vision, I finally get shame,Can be compared with my own skills,Boss Qiao feels very comfortable,I can’t wait to add another egg to my meal。
Not without the heat。
For example, I didn’t like Shen Huan’s Obese,Jumped out to touch porcelain。
“They say that Shen Huan is better than me,But i’m not convinced,I deducted19Basketball hoop,He is only2A!
But I suggest we can try it together,Let fans all over the world enjoy it,See the performances of the two most powerful basketball stars in the world。”
Of course,This guy is charged。
He plans to use the live broadcast rights1000Sold to his old club for a sky-high price of ten thousand dollarsTNT,By the way, there will be more than a dozen advertisers’ supplies andLOGO,Can make millions。
O’Fang is very righteous and said that he shared equally with Shen Huan。
have to say,As the most flexible fat man,O’Pan is better than Barkley,Really makes sense。
People don’t have the burden of idols。
Shameless,Making money is the most important。
But Shen Huan did not respond to his proposal。

It’s best not to go out now,She has no hometown anyway,You can stay here with Fang Hao forever。

At the rural price level,Fang Hao now has millions of deposits,It’s not that difficult to live a lifetime。
Besides, Fang Hao’s official account can still make money。
The outside world is too cruel,She didn’t know Fang Hao would continue to develop,How much ravaged by the vixen。
The old vixen was just for money,Use your beauty to get money,That’s why men get worse when they have money。
But now the vixen has evolved,They themselves have enough wealth,In addition to their own beauty,They still have huge wealth to tempt men to go bad。
Beautiful boys are too dangerous in this society。
She is not sure if she can hold onto this beautiful boy。
Hiding in this countryside is not that big of a threat。
She thinks she should be considered beautiful in this village,Not so much temptation,Fang Hao should also live with him at ease。
unfortunately,She can see,Fang Hao still wants to make more money,Or he wants to better develop his career。
and so,This dream can only be a dream。
“probably,Not until the day he can’t win,He doesn’t think about going home and living a life in peace, right?……”
Ye Wenwen thought so。
Put things in the room,Three people went downstairs again,Sitting in the hall downstairs。
Fang Hao went to the ponkan tree outside and picked a dozen ponkans and put them in the fruit plate,To Ye Wenwen:“this is delicious,Not the kind of ripening,Much better than what we bought in Pengcheng,You can taste more。”
And asked his mother casually:“How much did ponkans sell this year?”
“Someone will collect in October,A pound of triangle money,Pick it yourself,Sold two thousand catties。”Fang Mu replied。
Those who go to the countryside to collect usually place a deposit first,How much each,Pick the big one。

Tang Chen retracted his palm,I have a strong curiosity in my heart。

Unfortunately no one can give the answer,I can only read the log boredly。
『You go back to notting city and wait,Decided to test Tang San.』
『You use your clone to ambush,Fight against Tang San for 800 rounds(hidden weapon).』
『You killed the doorman of Notting College,Su Yuntao came forward to settle.』
『You are followed by the master,I want to accept you as a disciple.』
『You tactfully refuse,And use it as a bait to fight the master.』
『You easily crush the master,Force him to worship you as a teacher.』
『Goodbye Xiao Wu,Make her a maid by indecent means.』
『You bully the kids with your soul bone,Cause a serious psychological shadow.』
『You officially announced Akatsuki’s organizational structure,Bring the master and Xiao Wu in.』
『You perceive the second martial soul,But there is no way to summon.』
『You start to salt fish.』