Ding Yi’s hand was shaking,Hurriedly shrank back,Don’t know,Jiang Fan jumped up,Pressed on her,Start kissing her……

Ding Yi did not express dislike,But did not respond to him,This is enough,As long as I don’t resist like a hedgehog,Jiang Fan is satisfied。
Jiang Fan’s tongue and hands are no longer idle,Ding Yi frowned,Obviously reluctant to do this。
But Jiang Fan can’t manage that much,He leaned in her ear and said:“Did not drink at noon today,Maybe drink it at night,and so,Don’t waste this moment……”
Talking,He tore off Ding Yi’s silk shorts,Ding Yi quickly avoided,Said:“what are you doing?”
Jiang Fan said:“Do what a husband should do……”
“No way,How can it be done at noon……”
Jiang Fan blocked her with his mouth,Said:“Good things to keep doing,Can’t stop,I was too rough the night before,Nowadays,Treat you well……”Finished,Flick Ding Yi’s vest up,I put my head in her arms……
Another feeling of intoxication strikes,Ding consciously“Well”With a,Jiang Fan is excited,Kiss her harder……
that’s it,Jiang Fan is busy,Work overtime again at noon,Asked her once……
that’s it,Ding Yi is in her husband’s meticulous caress and tender kisses,In the husband’s wanton impact,Together they reached a thrilling peak,then,Both fell to the satisfaction……
Finish,Jiang Fan asked:“How about this time?”
Ding Yi did not speak,But put his head in his arms。
Her shy action,It’s so familiar to Jiang Fan,This is her usual expression every time they make each other,Once again awakened Jiang Fan’s memories of their love in the past,He rolled his throat,Said:“baby,you do not know how much I love you,Precisely because of too much love,Love too much,I lose confidence in some situations,Really not confident,I must make sure the person you love is me,I must also confirm,You are the one I love most……Sorry……This time,You suffer,I also suffer……You show the divorce agreement,More uncomfortable than plucking my heart,Whether I can figure it out or not,I won’t divorce you,If we really get divorced,I can’t find each other again,That’s really lost each other,This life,None of us will be happy……”
Ding Yi’s tears came out,She knew this was Jiang Fan’s heartfelt words,She sobbed,Did not speak。
Jiang Fan gave her a kiss,Keep saying:“and so,I would rather let you suffer with me,Make you miserable,To make you live,I won’t let you go,no way……”
Tears,Roll down like broken pearls,Drip onto Jiang Fan’s arm,Tears,It’s also a way of expressing feelings,Jiang Fan propped up,Circle her in the arms,Kiss dried her tears,He somehow comforted her,Had to give again……
Reunion of the body,Expressed Jiang Fan’s fiery love for his deer,His confession,Also relieved the heavy burden on Ding Yi’s heart,When Jiang Fan turned on his horse again,Got a response from Ding Yi,Not only did she take the initiative to kiss him back,Holding her husband with both hands,Long-lost murmur……
First78chapter The whole body is surging

Soon the police began to shout,Let Jia Dongfang let go of the hostages and surrender。

Jia Dongfang grinned and said:“Let go of the hostages,Let Wang Yuan carry500See me,In addition,Give me a way,Let me take the hostage away,I will release people if I think it’s safe。”
quickly,Wang Yuan appeared with a big pocket,Under the light,He rushed upstairs Jia Dongfang shouted:“Monitor,Are you coming down or me up。You have been surrounded,Your only way to survive now is to ensure the safety of the hostages,Otherwise you will die without a burial place。”
Jia Dongfang grinned and said:“Wang Yuan,What you said to the monitor is useless,A man waiting to die alone in the prison,Do you still care about dying early and late?do not worry,I won’t die in vain,Have your wife with me on the road,I’m satisfied。Much better than you staying with me。”
Wang Yuan laughed,He almost tells that Ding Yi is not his wife,But I was afraid of angering him and harming Ding Yi,Just said:“Monitor,This is not your character,You have always been a master who did bad things for fear that others would not know,Why don’t you come out and challenge me,Kidnapping a woman is not a hero。”
Jia Dongfang says:“Don’t play yin with me,If I knew that your kid was such a thing,I buried you in the snow and froze to death。Stop talking nonsense,Throw money up。Throw on the balcony。Tell you,Don’t play tricks,Otherwise I will stab this little lady!”
Wang Yuan heard him say that,Just open the bag,Take out a bundle of money,Said:“You see if it’s money。”And threw the bundle of money back,Let Jia Dongfang see。
Immediately,There are a few flashlights shooting at the bag,Jia Dongfang saw that it was money。He is still worried,Said:“Open every bundle of money。”
Wang Yuan bent over,Opened a few bundles of money,Subsequently,Several bunches of flashlights shine on the money again,Jia Dongfang saw that it was really money,Just said:“Tie up,Throw it up。”
By the way,This two-story old building,The balcony is not closed,It’s just a circle of white cement railings。Wang Yuan crouched down,Fasten the bag,Ready to throw。At this moment,A policeman coming from the side,He re-tied the bag,And throw it to the balcony,Unbiased,The bag of money fell on the balcony near the railing。Jia Dongfang can’t reach,He can’t leave the window,In that case, the police can rush in at any time,Second, he might be the target of the police,then,He put the knife on Ding Yi’s neck,Little by little。
Ding Yi at this time,I saw Peng Changyi below making a squat gesture at him,Ding Yi got it,She and Jia Dongfang were completely exposed to police guns,As long as she squatted down,Jia Dongfang would be killed by Luandan,but,Luan Dan can kill Jia Dongfang,Can’t you beat yourself to death??Thought of here,Her legs trembled,Can’t stand at all,Jia Dongfang drags her to stand。
Seeing that Jia Dongfang will have enough money bag,Peng Changyi is still gesturing to Ding secretly,Ding Yi is cruel,Close eyes,Gritted teeth,At the moment Jia Dongfang reached for enough money,Take advantage of Jia Dongfang not paying attention,She suddenly pushed away his knife hand against her neck……
Just listen“Bang bang”Two crisp gunshots,Jia Dongfang fell to the ground。
Ding Yi yelled in fright,Black eyes,Also collapsed to the ground,Lost consciousness again……
Peng Changyi ran in like crazy,Rush upstairs,Set aside the police in front,Picking up Ding Yi who collapsed on the ground,By light,Peng Changyi can see clearly,Ding Yi’s forehead、Hands,Blood everywhere……
Peng Changyi’s heart cuts like a knife,He attached to her ear,Calling her loudly,The medical staff came up on the stretcher,Peng Changyi picked up Ding Yi,Gently put her on the stretcher,Without hesitation, he took Ding Yi into the ambulance。originally,What happened at the scene has nothing to do with Peng Changyi,All he cares about is this poor one、The life and death of a silly girl who was hurt physically and mentally……
First89chapter Take care of Ding Yi

Qin Liang is going to start teasing Liu Rushi。

“and then?”
Liu Rushi knew what Qin Liang was going to say later,But still pretending to be a fool。
“then……I hold you,Let’s eat snacks while watching TV……”
Qin Liang continues to create romantic stories。
“And then?”
Liu Rushi continues to play dumb。
“And then……I’ll give you another flower night in the bridal chamber you’ve been waiting for……”
Qin Liang finally got to the point。
“Go!I don’t expect this,That should be what you have been waiting for?”
Liu Rushi is still naughty,But my face is red。
“Yes indeed,That’s what I’ve been waiting for,Do you want to satisfy me,Help me realize this beautiful wish?”
Qin Liang began to look at Liu Rushi with affection。
“……Maybe later。”
Liu Rushi’s answer was not firm,She knew in her heart;Entering the bridal chamber,I’m afraid I can’t wait for the future,This time,Couples who do not have a relationship before marriage,It can be said that there is almost no……
She is a girl who loves herself,But she is not derailed from this era,From her heart,Of course I hope to wait until the wedding day,Give your body to Qin Liang,But she can be sure,That is unrealistic,Also impossible……

Everyone started to move one after another,Five girls walk in the front,The others scattered around and followed them,Qin Liang kept inking till the end,Just swayed and followed。I don’t know if Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun’s looks are too high,And the other three girls beside them are all beautiful women,So on their way,Tourists only need to see them,Will take the initiative to make way for them,So even though there are many people in the swimming pool,But everyone’s speed

Degree is not slow……
But no one thought of going ashore in the water,That’s not faster,Even Liu Xiaoyun is busy talking to everyone,And ignored the problem。
“mom,These two young ladies are so beautiful!”
A child’s clear voice rang,Caught the attention of people around you instantly,It turned out to be a little girl lying in a swimming ring,I saw Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun walking in front of me,So innocent to his father,Mother yelled loudly!
“Ha ha,Call sister okay。”
The child’s mother looked at Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,Then walked to my child and smiled and taught her。
“Good sister。”
The little girl gave a cute cry。
“Hello little sister,you are cute!”
Shen Ruoxue moments“maternal love”Upper body,Sweet smile reached out and patted the little girl’s face,Liu Xiaoyun also showed her sweetest smile to the little girl。
“Little sister,You are so beautiful!”
The little girl is young,But he said in a very sensible manner。
“you’re very pretty too,Very beautiful。”

Go over and make sure,It really is a soul fruit,It seems they are going to make a lot of money,This kind of thing is totally unattainable,I am afraid that even the Murong family may not own it。

Xia Chenglong waved his hand,Awkward smile:“congratulations,Starting tomorrow, one step closer to killing me。”
The effect of soul fruit is too tempting,Whoever owns it can have a shortcut to the strong。
There are only three mature ones on the tree,I’m afraid it will be possible for decades,There is an unwritten sentence circulating on the mainland,Roots must be retained,So they only need to take the ripe fruit。
This kind of fruit can’t be served in ordinary porcelain,I can’t even touch my hands,The only way is to extract it,Jade preservation。
Don’t look at just picking three fruits,The mental power consumed by Xia Chenglong even exceeded the mental power needed to fight the gray-white ape last time.。
I was already sweating profusely when all three were picked,no way,This thing is too time-consuming。
Just when everything goes well,Xia Chenglong’s face is solemn,A bad premonition appears,They are likely to stay here。
Can’t control three seven twenty one,Turning back and holding Murong Qianxue’s jade hand,Quickly skip outside the canyon。
Just two steps,Earthquake,The roar spreads around with powerful energy fluctuations,This sound from the depths of the canyon,Directly mixed with destructive coercion,Even Xia Chenglong didn’t dare to fight。
But everything is late,The way they went back broke a huge hole in the shock just now,The smashed boulder completely sealed the surrounding exits。
It’s all because he didn’t think deeply,There is a beast of order 2 to 3 at best,How can I keep this delicious thing,There must be an extremely terrifying existence guarding,And he has nothing other than naive。
“That one,Wait you go first,I will deal with。”Xia Chenglong looked around and said。
Murong Qianxue’s attention is entirely on the hand where the man is holding her,This kind of very intimate action for her,Has appeared many times today,The point is that this man is still alive。

Surprised eyes!

“I don’t know what’s going on……I found someone handed me a note,Just followed。How could you get caught?”Fang Yu asked。
“They are looking for you,I don’t know the details……Who did you offend?”
Ji Yu Doubts。
“do not know!I will do the operation quietly——dorm room,Two points one line!”
Fang Yu waved his hand。
Don’t know what’s going on。
“You have a way to deal with them?”Ji Yu saw Fang Yu come here,Like no one。
Thought of a way。
They were so arrogant just now。
Have to teach a lesson。
and,Fang Yu wants results too。
Have to clean them up。
Fang Yu knows。

Heard my assistant say that,Shi Wuyin fell into silence for a while。

After a while,He just said:“Call him,I talk to him,First listen to what he said。”
Chapter One Hundred Two I want them to know who I am
Shi guide you to find me?”When Hu Lai knocked on the door of Shi Wuyin’s room,I saw Shi Wuyin sitting on the sofa in the room,Beckoned to him。
So he came in and closed the door。
“Do you know about that online?”Shi Wuyin didn’t talk nonsense,But straight to the point。
“Oh,You said I came in through your back door?”Hu Lai laughed。
“how,You can still laugh?”Shi Wuyin frowned。
“Is not,I think it’s funny,Give guidance。”Hu Lai spread his hands,“Big on WeiboVTalking about what the Internet has opened up the people’s wisdom,As a result, the rumor spread faster than before the Internet era。Used to be slow,Only enough to spread the rumor once in a lifetime,Good now……”
“What a mess!”Shi Wuyin waved his hand to interrupt Hu Lai’s nonsense,But he confirmed one thing。
“You don’t seem to be in a hurry,Less angry?”Shi Wuyin stared at Hu Lai and asked。
“Give guidance,What i just wanted to say……Used to be slow,Information Highway Now,One thing is gone for three days。What are they doing?The more you care about them,Just a bunch。There is something to say?I told the rocket expert,Your rocket can’t do,Bad fuel,I think I have to burn wood,Coal is best,The coal has to be selected coal,Water washing coal won’t work。If the scientist took a straight look at me,Count him lose。Pay attention to the group,We lose,Give guidance。”
Shi Wuyin was amused by Hu Lai’s example:“You have a sharp tongue。So you don’t say anything,Silent,Be a turtle?”

Obviously the clubs in China have more chances to play。

“From China Super League to China League One……also。”Wang Shoude nodded。
Luo Kai just got up to say goodbye to the general manager,Then walked out of the office。
He looked at the direction of the empty training ground,Clenched fist。
I will catch up with you,Hu Lai!
Chapter Seventy Eight new contract
In the following days,Hu Lai really looks like her mother said,Every three to five,I go to school every now and then to find coaches and school teams,Train with them,It’s not necessarily just keeping,Pure boring。
After he returned to Dongchuan,Except after seeing the coach and Li Qingqing at first,It’s okay。
As he told his mother,His high school classmates have been admitted to the university,Enjoy college life in their respective universities at this moment,Even if he wants to go out and find someone to play, he can’t find it。
At first I saw my son training so obediently,Xie Lan is still very pleased。
But then I found out that Hu Lai would go home for dinner every night after going out,Just wonder。
After inquiring, I realized that the coach didn’t eat at all.,Hu Lai did try to invite him to dinner,But the other party simply refused。
Hu Lai sees the coach refuses,Did not persuade,In this way, every time he goes out, it’s really just pure training。
Among them, he went to watch a school game,Cheer for my students。
The students know that Hu Lai is watching them in the stands,Each performed very well,finally5:0Win over opponents。

Song Min replied。

“I’m not going,I am afraid of the dark,How dark is that underground。”
Chapter three eight hundred and thirty eight That is my sister
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Chapter three eight hundred and thirty eight That is my sister
Shen Ruoxi idiot replied。
“Sister Ruoxi,The underground is brightly lit,How could it be black,Do you think people in the base work with candles??”
Zhou Meili interrupted in a dumbfounded way。
Only then did Shen Ruoxi react。
“Ugh……Except for the face and chest,Nothing。”
Song Min deliberately whispered Shen Ruoxi,She’s mocking Shen Ruoxi’s brainlessness。
“Who are you talking about?Try again!Laugh at me?Then I ask you:What do you have except chest and face?”
Shen Ruoxi immediately didn’t like to listen,Shouted Song Min pretendingly。
The other little girls were silent immediately,Qin Liang and Yanzi are not here,Shen Ruoxi and Song Min belong to everyone“Big sister big”,Two big sisters bickering,Who dares to speak as a younger sister?。
Zhou Meili is laughing:As an outgoing and lively girl,At the moment, she felt that it was too right for her to join the Shen family,It turns out that the sisters of Shen have been so noisy since they were young!This is just great,I will never be afraid of loneliness anymore!
“Of course you don’t have what I have,I have this,do you have?”
Song Min reached out and took out a colorfully packaged ball from his pocket,Flauntingly shook in front of Shen Ruoxi and said。

“My goodness!did not expect!Really never expected!It turns out that Director Yang and Captain Mei are both Shen’s sisters!admire!I really admire you from my heart!”

Director Tian said with bright eyes!
“Thank you……”
Yang Shiyun said thank you in addition to expressing modesty,I don’t know what else to say,Plum just laughed,Don’t speak。
Qin Liang started calling Shen Ruoxi,Describe things briefly and concisely,Then I called Yanzi again,I told Yanzi specifically;Not only she and Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun must come with Yuer,And this time“Come back home”As the first official legion mission, it was assigned to Yuer separately,And want Yu’er to come here in military uniform!
Qin Liang wants to make the most perfect,The most heroic Yuer“also”To her uncle and aunt and always thinking about her,Care about her,Those neighbors who miss her。
The phone call lasted 20 minutes!Qin Liang told Yanzi everything he could think of,It’s better than Yu’er’s parents“sentimental,Ramble”,But it can also be seen from this that Qin Liang cares and cares for every girl in the family from the heart。
But when I think of Yu’er from the beginning“younger sister”,Became the present“daughter”,Qin Liang thought it was super interesting,But there is one thing he has to admit;When Yuer was his sister,He was cautious and a little embarrassed when talking with Yuer,But since Yu’er became his daughter,All these diaphragms disappeared immediately……
“Don’t you call Yuer directly?”
After Qin Liang put down the phone,,Yang Shiyun asked him in a low voice。
“You call her……”
Qin Liang handed his mobile phone to Yang Shiyun almost without hesitation.。
“What do i want me to fight?Why don’t you call her?”
Yang Shiyun didn’t answer the phone,But he asked Qin Liang again。
“You are her aunt,It’s more appropriate for you to call her。”
Qin Liang’s guilty answer,Actually, he dare not call Yuer,He doesn’t know how to tell her。
“nonsense,You still her father!And since it’s a formal task,You are the immediate superior commander of the Rose Legion,You don’t give her orders directly,Want me to call her?Do you think this is appropriate?”
Yang Shiyun said tangledly。
“I will give you an order;Order you to call Yuer。”
Qin Liang started“Bully”Up……