Zhengzhou Lianqin Security Center: Move the problems that often encountered into the podium

Zhengzhou Lianqin Security Center: Move the problems that often encountered into the podium

Zhengzhou Lianqin Security Center organizes the backbone training of party affairs -put the often difficult problems to the podium. Unfamiliar effects have led to the phenomenon of loose organization organizations, improper order of speech, and poor criticism … "In the early summer, the" House of the Party Branch Secretary of the Party Branch "of the Zhengzhou Lianqin Security Center organized a special training to simulate through the scenario simulation through scenario simulation Demonstrate the process elements of the party branch meeting and introduce the organizational life -related institutional procedures.

During the study observation, dozens of grass -roots party affairs have spoke enthusiastically to express their opinions on relevant issues. "We select common meeting scenarios such as grass -roots party branches, branch party members, and organizational life meetings, and move the problems often encountered in reality to the podium. The place of place to help the backbone of grassroots party affairs to grasp the organizational life system and solve the problem of party affairs.

"Hou Runchang, secretary of the party committee of the ministry, introduced that in combination with policy regulations and the actual situation of the unit, they paid close attention to the difficulties of party affairs work at the grassroots level. They carefully planned to organize the training of grassroots party affairs backbone training, set up teaching counseling, observation demonstration, discussion and exchanges, one discussion, on -site teaching , Theoretical assessment and other contents, focus on solving problems such as unknown responsibilities, unclear ideas, and poor business of grassroots party workers, and improve the ability of grass -roots party organizations to discuss decision -making. "On the basis of recommendation of mass organizations, we convene a branch committee for research and recommendation for school delivery. The trainer has three different opinions on the venue. The differences are large. We have to take a temporary rest. After the investigation is fully brewed, we will have a meeting. "Observing the gap, a party branch secretary who recently worked combined with his previous experience of hosted a branch committee, and said with emotion:" The topic was notified in the morning, and it would be opened in the afternoon of the day. There are problems in procedures and methods, which directly affects the decision -making of the branch. These are places that must be improved in the future.

"There are many content, high requirements, and strict procedures at the grassroots level. In addition, new policies and systems have been introduced in recent years. Individual newly appointed party workers have insufficient study and lack of experience. Organize research, summary some of the common difficulties and doubts. In the training, in the training, "one question, one discussion" research and discussion and solution, use the live scene to present the process elements, use common cases to talk about difficult problems, and strive to demonstrate a topic. Clarify a few misunderstandings and correct such problems.

"The deputy secretary of the branch was in training, a branch committee was on vacation, and a branch committee was going out.

There are only 4 people in the seven branch committees, and there are two different opinions. How to form a resolution? Is the branch committee’s opinion on the phone number "" ‘After a while, we have to conduct training. Let’s simplify the process and not vote without any name. Is the practice of a team of a team reasonable? You have any advice "… … Seeing the problems you often encountered were moved to the podium, the backbone of the party affairs that observed on the spot said that this is almost the reproduction of your own work scenario.

"If these problems and details are not handled well, it is easy to have deviations in actual work.

This training is to stimulate the sense of urgency and responsibility of everyone to study the regulations and systems.

"Lan Pengfei, secretary of the party branch, said." One experience sharing and exchange has benefited me a lot. "Wang Shuai, secretary of the party branch of a team, said that in accordance with the new requirements of talks and thoughts in the" Work Regulations of the Communist Party of China (Branch) "in the" Work Regulations of the Communist Party of China (Branch) ", combined with the recurrence of daily work in the training Some of the issues have a new understanding. Opening Wang Shuai’s notebook, the learning understanding of some regulations and some issues is detailed and specific. Everyone has a deeper understanding of grass -roots party affairs work. What are the factors of the meeting, what extent should be discussed, what problems may be encountered, and how to solve them. We are more sure of actual work.

"Xiao Qijun, secretary of the party branch of a team, said that he will take this training as an opportunity to strengthen learning practice, strengthen the branch to strengthen the branch, play a good organizational function, and drive the comprehensive progress, comprehensive development, and oversupply of grassroots construction.

[Security reminder] Lanzhou traffic police issued five important reminders of traffic safety

[Security reminder] Lanzhou traffic police issued five important reminders of traffic safety

On the eve of June 1st, in order to ensure the safety of children’s transportation, Lanzhou Traffic Police issued five important reminders of traffic safety in children, reminding parents and children to tighten the string of traffic safety at all times, and insist on daily supervision and education.

Hidden danger: Running, hitting or suddenly returning when crossing the road.

Safety reminder: Before the children cross the road, stop, look at it, and pass.

Even on the zebra crossing, pay attention to observation, it is best to raise one arm so that the driver is easier to see you.

Hidden dangers 2: Play in the community roads, parking lots, and road parking areas.

Safety reminder: Because the vehicle has a blind spot, the children are short, especially when they are squatting on the ground, it is difficult for the driver of the starting and turning vehicle to see it, which is dangerous.

Hidden danger three: riding on the road under the age of 12.

my country’s law stipulates that children under the age of 12 cannot ride on the road on the road.

This is because children lack accurate cognition and judgment on the complex transportation environment. If they are on the road, they are likely to be dangerous.

Safety reminder: If children are under 12 years old, they cannot ride on the road. Hidden dangers 4: Cycling with children is too close to the big truck. Safety reminder: When you perceive that large trucks are approaching, try to stay as far as possible and keep a horizontal distance of more than 2 meters to avoid long -term parallel; if you find a large truck to turn right, stop immediately and avoid the direction away from it. Hidden dangers 5: Play the child to run when crossing the road. Safety reminder: Be sure to hold the child’s hand when crossing the road; for children who are young and active, they should hold the child’s wrist.