Turkey will test the new drone in 2022

Turkey will test the new drone in 2022

Turkish UAV Manufacturer Baykartechnologies Technical Manager Serc White Laktar said that the new BayraktartB3 drone in Turkey will be in the first 2022, and a major feature is to be able to be able to be able to be on the ship like amphibious attack ship. Using its deck take off. According to Russian Satellite News Agency, on September 22, Bai Lak Tar said: "Turkish drones make many countries to re-examine their military ideas. Hope ‘flag-TB3’ (BayraktartB3) Can first fly in 2022.

2023 years ago, we plan to implement our own domestic military drone projects.

"Bai Laktar said this is an armed drone. It is characterized by a ship from the amphibious attack ship to take off and landed through the short runway. The outer dimension of the drone is compared with the ‘flag-TB2’ ( BayraktartB2) is large, but it is smaller than "Arkzhe" drone.

Bai Lak Tar also said that this drone that can be remotely controlled through the satellite relay. The report introduction, and the "flag-TB2" drone with TB-3 is more than 12 hours, and 4 UMTAS laser guidance anti-tank missiles, or MAM-C and MAM for combating ground stationary and moving targets. -L Glider Guide Bomb (maximum range 8 km).

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