Work together to build a beautiful digital life (commentator observation)

Work together to build a beautiful digital life (commentator observation)

Original title: Working together to build a beautiful digital life (commentator observation) bridge the digital divide, so that the elderly will enjoy more digital dividends, the Internet application is negative and the barrier-free transformation is an important ring.

"Mobile Internet Application (APP) Adjustment General Design Specification" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: "The old-elderly interface, some ads are strictly prohibited in the APP, and advertising or temporary advertising bombs can also be randomly appeared. Window "Disable Induction".

In recent years, some Internet companies have launched the App Old Elderly Interface or a separate adaptive version of the APP to make the service more temperature. What is surprising is that the old version of the old-age version of the older people is also attracted by young people.

Why does this happen? In fact, the old version of the APP is popular, and it is closely related to some universal APP experience. Set hidden from the advertisement, the shutdown process is cumbersome, to the page with false information to induce click, then to force, frequent, over-request rights … All such, not only possible to disrupt the network service order, but also seriously affect user experience, damage user rights .

In addition, some software abuse big data and algorithms, illegally collect personal privacy data such as users’ interest, online traces, search records, etc., induce consumption. In contrast, some old version of the APP page is more concise, the font is clearer, no annoying pop-up window, advertising, no dazzling jump, push, and thus harvested a group of young users.

For the Internet industry, winning users can win development, and comply with user needs to maintain competitiveness. Users choose a mobile app, which has both convenient considerations, more comfortable.

Adjustment settings may sacrifice the App partial practical function, and the exhibit mode of the big transcription is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but in the face of complex interface settings, the frequent link jumps, but also unlearables.

In fact, it is short-sighted to obtain short-term income, and digest users’ trust in the platform. Let the app are refreshing, return to the user to provide the original intention of quality service, put the user rights, the experience and social responsibility, and the relevant enterprises can be stabilized, and they really win the word of mouth and market.

The old version of the APP will also explain from one side, many users do not want to be surrounded by an algorithm.

The algorithm is recommended to "double-edged sword": On the one hand, it meets people’s diversified, personalized information needs, reduces the cost of information transmission and acquisition; on the other hand, when the design concept deviates from correct orientation, misuse traffic At first, the interests of the supremacy will have problems such as "big data", algorithm discrimination. In addition, some software platforms or merchants are recommended for attracting users, abuse algorithms, and push a large amount of inferior vulgar information, so that some users have fallen into "information 房", causing mobile phones into the phenomenon of mobile phones.

For abuse, the behavior recommended by the illegal use algorithm should be corrected in time. Improve algorithm technology, standardize algorithm applications, is the meaning of making technology better service society.

Let the algorithm release more positive energy, need to further improve the system and strengthen supervision.

Not long ago, the "Internet Information Service Algorithm Recommended Management Regulations (Draft)" issued by the National Net Information Service Office (Draft) "proposed:" Algorithm recommended service providers should adhere to the mainstream value orientation, optimization algorithm recommended service mechanism, actively propagate positive energy, promote algorithm Apply upwards.

"In addition, the alert algorithm trap, get rid of the mobile phone into the mobile phone, the user is also very important. Subject to self-adjustment, moderate control, master the initiative to obtain information and 遨 游 数 数,,,,,,,,,,, Healthy upward digital life.

Not long ago, the forty-eighth "China Internet Development Statistics Statistics Report" released by China Internet Information Center showed that as of June this year, my country’s netizens Daily and Internet penetration rates were reached.

More than 1 billion users access the Internet, jointly constructed interconnection, exciting digital world.

Future, Internet platforms and companies provide better software and services, users improve "digital literacy", relevant departments strengthen supervision and protection, all parties work together, together, you will be able to create more exciting, better digital life .

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