Korea-US intends to update the "battle plan against the DPRK."

According to South Korean media reports, December 2, South Korean Defense Minister Xu Xu and US Defense Secretary Austin, in Seoul to attend the 53rd Hanmei security meeting, and issued a joint statement containing 21 content. The statement reiterated the US commitment to provide "extended deterrence" (nuclear umbrella) of South Korea, and also to modify the "Strategic Planning Guide," the transfer of wartime operational control, to maintain the existing size of the USFK, next year will be the headquarters of the Korea-US Combined Forces Command Yongsan moved from Seoul to Pyeongtaek, strengthen the network of cooperation the two sides and a lot of field space matters. Among them, "Strategic Planning Guide" is the ROK-US party supplement, amend or re-enact guidelines for operational programs, has signed a lapse from the last 11 years.

The Korea and the US secretary of defense on the amendment "Strategic Planning Guide" to reach an agreement, the two sides Updates "battle plan against the DPRK," laid the foundation.

South Korean media claimed that Korea and the US intends to update the "battle plan against the DPRK," because "the existing war plan did not reflect the changing strategic environment on the Korean peninsula."

The new plan fiction is expected to take 1-2 years, modify the content is not yet open. Some analysts believe that the new version of "battle plan against the DPRK" might cover for wartime use of nuclear weapons, as well as coping strategies while using the case of conventional weapons and tactical nuclear weapons, will reflect Korea and the US to deal with ICBMs, submarine-launched missiles, hypersonic missile and a variety of powerful means of short-range tactical ballistic missiles. South Korean news website published an article that the US war plan requires updating, not only in response to the threat of North Korea, but also in response to "Indian Pacific" potential adversaries.

Korea and the US from perfect case scenario, with the concept of operations, to optimize the use of military and other aspects of the revised operational plan, it may cause many negative effects.

Effects of wartime operational control transfer. South Korean news website published an article that the new North Korean nuclear war plan will be from "variable" as "constant", it is expected to affect the transfer of wartime operational command, or because the United States asked South Korea have a higher combat capability.

Influence "end of the war Declaration" signed by floor.

Korea inews24 News Network, said the decision to strengthen the ROK-US parties towards curbing the practice, and Moon Jae-in 嘉定品茶论坛 government to promote the "end of the war Declaration" contrary.

Analysts believe that North Korea would consider enhancing defense capabilities in the implementation of "double standards", and this raised strong objections, signed as to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and restart the dialogue window "end of the war Declaration", it may be affected.

Affect security and stability in Northeast Asia.

South Korea, "National Journal," said the US Defense Department is discussing the next 2-3 years, will redeploy some troops to program the Asia Pacific region. This will adversely affect the security and stability of the pattern in Northeast Asia. In addition, North Korea will not be indifferent to this, and the ROK-US discord or repeatedly,上海千花网mm and the current situation in the peninsula slightly changed again fear caught. If next year the conservatives back in control of South Korean politics, does not rule out the possibility of revival peninsula.

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