This woman’s name is Yan Yue,It’s the oiran of Yaoyuelou,Also the master,After Li Chenfeng accepted the Yueyue Tower,Can be regarded as his subordinates。

After Yingyue came to an Accord on the third floor,Li Chenfeng also met his long and round prince brother Wei Jia。
Although the two are brothers in name,But the two mothers are not the same person,Prince Wei’s false mother is the current Queen Wei,And Wei Gongzifeng’s mother is a beauty,Which is Wei Wang concubine。
Prince Wei is over 30 years old,Keep the two-handed character Hu,With that round head,Make Li Chenfeng feel very happy every time I look at it。
to be frank,There is really nothing to say between the two of them。
Even if the other party has a bad heart,Deliberately want to find something with myself,But the atmosphere between the two is still very awkward。
The meeting between the two did not last long,The meeting this time was just for the two of them deliberately for their own purposes,So Li Chenfeng doesn’t want to talk to him so much here.。
Looking at Li Chenfeng who turned and left,Originally, Prince Wei’s somewhat happy smile also became gloomy in an instant。
“Humph!act recklessly!”
For my younger brother who suddenly emerged,Prince Wei was full of murder in his fake heart。
But the other party used to cover it up really well,Make everyone think he is just a mediocre boy。
After I discovered the other’s wolf ambition,It’s too late。
Li Chenfeng, who has mastered the army, has even surpassed his Wei crown prince in one fell swoop.,So even if he wants to trouble him,No chance。
Just three days ago,The killer of Ranet suddenly found himself,Want to work with myself,The goal is Wei Gongzi Feng……
Two parties with the same goal can be said to hit it off,All plans were agreed immediately,Let him, Prince Wei, come forward,Lure Li Chenfeng out of the house,Then the snare killer will kill with one hit。
All the scripts have been written,And judging from the performance of the opponent,I didn’t notice any abnormalities,Everything is going according to plan。
For Li Chenfeng’s rudeness and contempt during the dinner,Although Prince Wei is full of anger,But in the end he endured it。
A man doomed to death,Why do you have to be like him??